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Deepening an Awakening into Abiding Inner Peace

Many people are talking about spiritual Awakening, but very few are living examples of it. Not only are most humans lacking in those qualities an Awakening develops into, namely: a quiet mind, absence of desire, absence of attachment, absence of emotional reactivity . . . and the ability to bring love to all circumstances . . . they are still identified with their human body and its history. Of those whom have had an Awakening most are still needing deepening of their Awakened awareness until the above mentioned qualities become part of the expression of their everyday experience.

These qualities will become crystalized over time once the mind stops seeking siddhis (magical powers), or any specialness, mystical experiences, or influence over others, etc. When the mind accepts the Awakening realization, it will give up its control and surrender to the circumstances of each moment. If it does not accept what was presented, or doubts an Awakening occurred, it will continue its controlling ways and maintain the status quo, blocking the opportunity for full liberation, which the initial realization has presented.

For the mind, seeking understanding of Awakening may help it accept the need to surrender, but the opposite may also occur: the mind may add what it reads about the Awakening experiences of “others” to its own knowledge base, making it even more convinced of its own importance, than it was before the Awakening. This immediately stops the deepening process, which is all about dissolving mind’s chatter and controlling ways. Not allowing adequate deepening to occur following an Awakening moment, actually interferes with the clarity of expression and wisdom of True Self.

Mind must let go of its previous role in the body completely for full liberation of True Self to occur. What is needed is a co-operative, humble and accepting mind, willing to live the Truth that was realized — by surrendering all of its knowledge and control of the body to True Self. Only then can one be fully at peace, because the emotional ego/mind will no longer be overriding the silent presence of True Self.

I can provide that moment of Awakening for you in my WAKE UP NOW weekend . . . the deepening is up to you. You will soon realize that deepening an Awakening is a significant reason to attend satsang. Spending time in the presence of someone who is clear is the best way to increase awareness and support the surrender of ego identity. Consistent and frequent satsang (Association with Truth) progresses the deepening process into full Self-realization — very uncomplicated!

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