All of Aruna's workshops are experiential and life changing. They cover personal development, Awakening and deepening an Awakening. No particular order is required, as each workshop is complete within itself. 

The Inner Masculine and Feminine        One-Day Workshop

This inner work transforms your physical reality. When you discover the existing dynamics of your yin and yang energies and bringing them into a balanced, mutually supportive relationship, you will be amazed at how much easier your life becomes.


Waking Up the Heart                                 One-Day Workshop

Being awake is much more than a quiet mind and disassociation from the physical world, it is being fully PRESENT as an expression of love and living from the heart. This workshop addresses the reasons why our hearts are shielded and deals with these. Then it helps to shift the energy from our head to our heart. Once balance is centered there, we will experience what it is like to BE HEART CENTERED.


Wake Up NOW                                       Two-Day Workshop

Day 1: Did you ever ask yourself “Who am I?” or “Why do I exist?” this workshop will help you find answers to both of these questions. It will also take you out of your head and into your heart. You will learn what Awakening is and what it is not, three ways to meditate, and how to do Self-Inquiry—the most direct path to fully Awaken. Day 1 prepares you for meeting True Self on Day 2.


Day 2: Radical Awakening                                    

Radical Awakening is a Self-inquiry process that takes you into a direct experience of True Nature. A powerful meditation begins this workshop then explanations and a demo of the Radical Awakening process follow. In pairs, your partner will then lead you on a scripted inner journey that will take you into a profound and memorable Awakening experience.

Once Awake, you will learn how to deepen that Awakening into full Presence, Self-Realization/Enlightenment.

The Spiritual Enneagram                               Four-Day Workshop

The Enneagram is a catalyst for profound change; it can open the door for a Spiritual Awakening to happen, as well as speed up the deepening process for those who have already Awakened. It provides us with an in-depth map of how our ego "fixation" has been controlling our life (and the lives of others), so we can recognize and release this programming whenever it appears by making choices appropriate for ending its influence. To learn more click here.

"At the end of the Spiritual Enneagram course I felt light and free. This was perhaps the most transformational course I ever attended, I am truly shifted on so many levels."  Jacinta H., Tokyo


"I attended a “Radical Awakening” workshop  and was “awakened."  Which means, for me at least, seeing things as they are, far less chatter in my mind, more time abiding in the Here and Now, more peace, more presence. Yet also an intensification of my own emotional upsets and feeling even more deeply the suffering of others, being more present in my body, longer moments of thought-free well-being/bliss. But mainly just feeling more alive."   Stuart B., Tokyo