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Awakening Coaching will: 


  •  Help you break through personal challenges.

  • Teach you how to recognize those inner imbalances being mirrored to you in your relationships.

  • Identify and release trapped emotions that attract challenging circumstances .

  • Allow you to manage the dynamics of your daily life in new, more conscious ways.

  • Show you how your ego works, and how you can free yourself from its control.

  • Clarify what the Awakened condition is . . . and what it is not.

  • Access the part of you that is always wise, loving and caring, no matter what is happening in your life.

  • Show you how to get guidance from within you can trust.

  • Experience love without depending on others.

  • Turn anger and distrust into gratitude.

  • Provide tools you can use to transform yourself and your life.

  • Help you open your heart and let go of fear, anger, lack of confidence, etc.

  • Facilitate an experience of your True, authentic Self.

  • Aruna listens without judgment, no matter what you discuss with her, and helps you do the same.

  • Identify the gifts you are meant to bring to the world, and  prepare you to deliver them.

  • Help you feel and express love for yourself and others.

Awakening Coaching provides wisdom and guidance for Awakening or deepening your Awakening into full Awakened Awareness. Can be one session only or ongoing weekly or bi-weekly sessions, whatever is needed.  Single 1hr. session in English $500;  $5000 for 12 English sessions.

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