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An Authentic Spiritual Awakening is . . .

1. A shift in consciousness from “me to we.”

2. A realization of what Truth is and what Truth is not.

3. The opening of one’s heart to unconditional love and compassion.

4. The relaxation of resistance.

5. Being fully immersed in the present.

6. The ability to let go of ego-mind’s control.

7. The ability to quiet the mind.

8. No seeking. ..

9. No worries.

10. Being free to be authentic and honest.

11. Being able to free oneself from ego’s identification and control.

12. A process that deepens with time through use of tools and attention.

A common misunderstanding is that a Spiritual Awakening is a physical experience that changes a body/mind instantly. This is not the case. That “moment of Realization” is just the beginning of an ongoing process that awakens the Awareness of True Self within you and enables IT to complete the work of dissolving ego identity, opening the heart and living a divinely inspired life.

The physical experience that Awakens True Self is different for everyone, but for this process to continue it must be significant enough that it is not ignored or disregarded. Formal preparation for an Awakening may or may not be needed, depending on how “ripe” one is from past life and present life experiences. Understanding the process is important.

An experienced teacher with tools that support the unfolding of expanded consciousness is very helpful. Even better is having an Authentic Awakened teacher to guide you and answer questions — focusing and speeding up the timeframe of the whole process.

The Liberate Your True Self course provides understanding, tools to Awaken and Deepen that Awakening, and the energy of Divine Grace to help you have a direct experience of your True Self. It is what seekers go to India for, but rarely find there. Now it is available in Japan via an online course that does not require leaving your home or job. It has never been easier.

The next opportunity to Awaken via the Liberate Your True Self course is scheduled to begin on August 11, 7 pm JST on Zoom. This course will include everything you need to Awaken and deepen that Awakening in 16 sessions plus a private, personal , Awakening session. This course and these sessions will be in English with Japanese interpretation.

To register, send an email to which includes your name and email address. Payment of 200,000¥ is to be made by August 5 to Shinsei Bank, Shinjuku branch, futsu account 550 0404 328, REA BYERS. A payment plan can also be arranged.

Spiritual Awakening is the reason we have a body. A Spiritual Awakening can end the incarnation cycle. To live the peaceful, happy and worry free life your soul wants you to have, take advantage of this opportunity NOW. You will become the bearer of light you took on a body to be.

With love,


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Adriana Myrtaj
Adriana Myrtaj
27 Ιουν 2021

Dear Aruna,

Thank you for being a teacher in many ways for me. I am deeply thankful. ❤️

Μου αρέσει
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