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The Mission



 I am frequently asked to tell people what their “mission” is. In most cases what they are actually asking is: “what kind of work should I be doing?”  Although I do agree that everyone has a “mission,” it is important to understand that this “mission” is not necessarily job related. It could be anything at all, like transforming an unhappy life into a joyful one, or becoming a hero to someone because of the confidence and courage you demonstrate, or loving others so much that you commit yourself to a life of service. These are just a few of the unlimited possibilities that a “mission” can be, so a job change is frequently not necessary. In fact, your mission could be as simple as bringing an open, caring heart into the workplace you are already going to every day, or into the home you share with others.

 The key point here is: a mission begins with an inner shift that inspires you to do something meaningful, and usually involves service to others. It is always about bringing more love into the world in some way or another, and that could look like just about anything—from making people laugh, to being a good listener for your grandmother. Fulfilling your mission is about the quality of life you choose to have, not about what you do to pay your bills.

 After a spiritual awakening you naturally find yourself living your mission. A job change may be in order, but not necessarily. Not all who awaken become teachers. In fact, many choose to live a very quiet life, completely out of public view. The role you are meant to play in the world eventually becomes obvious, and you may already be doing it!

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