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A Gift in Every Disturbance

As long as we have an ego that is influencing our life with its opinions and beliefs, we will continuously become disturbed by something. Whenever you become disturbed, it is never about what appears to be at cause in the present moment, it is always a reminder of something unresolved from your past.


 How an ego/personality perceives the world is not the True reality. Reactions in all circumstances are based on beliefs that were formed as a result of a previous experience, possibly even a past life. For example, if we have a belief that all dogs are to be feared, we will never feel comfortable around any dog, even one that is a pure expression of love. If we believe ourselves to be a victim of life, we will always see ourselves from this perspective, even though it can be shown we are directly at cause of our own suffering. Whenever we believe one thing and someone else believes the opposite, ego’s tendency is to hold on to our point of view and possibly go to great lengths to prove that our belief is the “right” one. This is how ego works.


Ego experiences the world from a point of view consistent with its unconscious programming. It knows what it does and does not like, what it can and cannot accept, and anything that creates a disturbance to its programming usually ends up in the “to avoid” category. This is the opposite consequence of what a disturbing situation could actually contribute to one’s growth of awareness and deepening process.

Whenever you judge because you disagree with it, the ego has taken on an attitude of superiority. Insisting someone agree with you is arrogant and disrespectful. Those who are fully aligned with Truth view all worldly circumstances, including their own thoughts and behaviors, from the perspective of a neutral observer—fully recognizing that all points of view are a result of ego’s programming, none of which are absolute Truth.


Eliminating Disturbance

 To eliminate the cause of any given disturbance we must first be willing to take full responsibility for being disturbed. Nothing needs to change to please us, as the disturbance is ours alone. Next, we must fully feel whatever emotions have been generated. If you can do both of these things without thinking about the particular circumstances, the actual cause of your upset will dissolve as the reactivity works its way out of your body. Once the negative charge has dissipated, you will be able to view the situation clearly and discover the gift it brings you, simply because you have shifted into a neutral, inquisitive state of mind.


The egoless approach to life is inclusive. When we take the dualistic “right vs wrong” approach to any situation we are being divisive. Respecting the opinion of others, even if we don’t agree with them, is an expression of love; making them wrong is not.


Living with awakened awareness is being neutral about someone’s behavior everything life brings. True Nature has no beliefs or attitudes, and consequently no disturbances. As long as we have a human body there will be personal preferences that fit our unique way of bringing divine light into the world—no one is more or less correct than any other. Considering the awakened condition, there is no “person” emotionally invested in any human preferences anyway.  Complete flexibility is one characteristic of awakened awareness.


If you have had an awakening experience and are still disturbed by what someone else is doing or what life has brought into your awareness, this means that some more deepening is needed. All disturbances are merely revealing unresolved issues that need attention. Take responsibility for these disturbances, instead of blaming others for them, and you will complete your relationship with the programming from your past. Once this is done, ego will no longer be able to manipulate you emotionally.

Welcome your disturbances, they can be your key to freedom.


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