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Every life issue you are now struggling with can be transformed with love.


To assist you with this transformation, Aruna brings

the wisdom of Awakened Awareness and the energy

of divine grace which flows abundantly through her.

Thirty-five years of experience as a spiritual

counselor and psychotherapist. Aruna lS an example of LOVE. 

What People are Saying:

"I learned to be fully engaged in the world without suffering. The net result of my experience with you is that I found peace. . . That Big Free Space that I experienced in the Saitama workshop is always as close as the nearest sub-atomic particle should I feel the need to dive in and take a break from the stress of playing my part in the movie. . . Aruna, I will always appreciate the big boost you gave to my growth and development." 

   Yehudit Y. Jerusalem, Israel

"From attending Aruna's satsangs I realized that all the spiritual knowledge I have been collecting was actually blocking the process of awakening. I guess I didn’t want to admit that these things are only made up concepts. Now I can admit this. I feel like I woke up and am now clear and refreshed. I learned that when emotion arises, I am to dive into it and accept and enjoy it without judgment. Aruna has the clarity to teach us the truth of love. I want to express my gratitude."

    Mica M, Tokyo Japan

"You have been instrumental in my development as a human being. Because of your unconditional love, your warm hospitality and loving smile, I have been able to hear the wise words you have spoken directly to my heart.

You are patient, steadfast, solidly grounded, courageous to stand in your truth, through thick, thin, health, wealth or poverty. Nothing has moved you. You have done what you teach, every day - all day.  

    Sandy P., Florida USA 




New Workshop:  THE VOICE OF      TRUE SELF


CHANNEL YOUR TRUE SELF!!  FREE your mind from ego’s control and influence! 

Learn to identify and utilize the voice of True Self for guidance, clear “knowing” and BEING the very best YOU. 

New dates plus private Coaching and Emotional Clearing sessions will be scheduled in 2022-2023. See Events page on this website.

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