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What is a Spiritual Awakening



What is a spiritual awakening and who can have one?

 A spiritual awakening is a fundamental shift in the way we perceive the world. This change in perception begins a process that eliminates fear and anger, opens your heart and brings more love and light into your human experience. In awakened awareness your creativity, courage and self-understanding expand, along with the joy you have available to share with others.


 Who can have this? Everyone! There are no qualifications except a strong desire to have this shift happen for you — it doesn’t matter how many spiritual books you have read, how many meditations you have done, or what your religious beliefs are.


 If you are open to discovering some new things about yourself and want to improve your life, a spiritual awakening is the place to start.  It is what every heart longs for. The best way to deal with the challenges that life brings us is with the confidence and inner strength of awakened awareness that develops after having a spiritual awakening.

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