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Love is Essence in Action




It seems like we are living in multiple worlds because our particular mind is unable to see how its perceptions are connected to those of anyone else. Relying on the mind to define our reality is misleading, because it is only capable of presenting a partial picture. Reality is much more inclusive than what the mind can perceive.


Our ESSENCE is consciousness ITSELF. We are unlimited, eternal, unconditionally loving and totally indescribable. We are all part of the infinite ocean of consciousness. Each individual human, animal, plant, insect, amphibian, etc., is an expression of this One consciousness, which makes us all spiritual beings, whether our mind happens to be aware of this fact or not. Realizing that this is the ultimate reality is what I mean by a “spiritual awakening. “


The only difference between those who live a spiritual life and those who do not, is totally about how loving they are, not about their level of interest in spiritual activities or their choice of career. Some of the most spiritual beings I know have never read a spiritual book, have no psychic abilities, and live very ordinary lives, why do I consider them spiritual? They bring unconditional love into all circumstances. This way of BEING is our spiritual ESSENCE in action, the highest expression of who we are.


When our mind merges with our spiritual ESSENCE, the more loving, accepting and aware we become. When mind controls our life with its limiting beliefs, attitudes, judgments and emotional reactivity, we are like lost souls looking for a home. Recognizing our ESSENCE brings to our life inner peace, happiness and the wisdom of cosmic consciousness. This merger can only occurs when ego’s false concepts are dissolved.

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