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Awakening  Coaching
and/or Channeling
Awakening Coaching      and/or Channeling 
via Skype

Find out how you can increase your awareness and awaken to your True Self. Awakening Coaching supports every aspect of human life by expanding your understanding of the past, improving your present, and helping you to create a more fulfilling future.  No topic is off limits or considered mundane. Your questions will be answered from Aruna's Awakened awareness with clear, grounded explanations, practical advice, and tools that support positive change. 

Emotional Clearing

It is now possible to quickly and permanently eliminate energy blocks caused by repressed emotions. Aruna uses a simple, yet extremely effective technique to do this, which does not require you to relive painful  experiences. With kinesiology and inner knowing, she helps you discover what you have been holding onto, pinpoints the cause, and then shows you how to release it. If difficult present life circumstances are a result of past lives or between lives emotional baggage, she identifies the cause so you can clear that too. Most people require only one session, which can be done in person or on Skype. After your session you will feel lighter and more empowered.

This option is for international clients and those who live far from Tokyo. Single session consultations and ongoing coaching are both possible. The greatest benefits result from the continuity of regular, ongoing coaching with Aruna for at least 3 months. Your level of openness, your level of commitment, and your True Self will determine the moment of your Awakening.

Ongoing coaching work with Aruna includes use of the






Relationship Coaching

Do you still carry reactivity from conflicts with friends and loved ones? How we do relationship is one of the major spiritual lessons in Earth school. Do we bring our True Nature (love) to all of our relationships, or are we still feeling like a victim and blaming others for what disturbs us?

There are two ways to improve relationships: 1st, change the dynamic of our inner masculine and feminine and 2nd, work it out with the "other." Both are possible with Aruna's relationship coaching. We are not fully "liberated" until all inner conflicts have been resolved.

Available for individuals or couples, in person or on Skype.

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