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One Experience is Enough



An experience of your True Nature can be a permanent shift in consciousness that completely changes the way you perceive the world, or it can be just another spiritual experience. What determines the ultimate outcome? Doubt.


If doubt appears, mind is attempting to override the "ah-ha" you just had. Either ignore it's chatter completely, or use "self inquiry" to question its thoughts. Otherwise you will most likely need another meeting with your True Self to solidify that initial realization. Entertaining doubt allows the ego to resume its previous role of "thinker and doer" in its personalized story.


In the clarity of awakened awareness there is no room for doubt. The dream you once believed to be true has been discovered to be irrelevant. If doubts of if you really awakened are entering your mind, this just tells you that your initial realization is not rock solid yet. But it can become that way fairly quickly if you are vigilant about doing self-inquiry. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the next awakening opportunity. You will know you are fully awakened when mind can no longer capture your attention with its thoughts and emotions.

Mind is just a collection of thoughts that keep a personal dream alive. When you ignore what it is saying, what happens to doubt? It disappears. What happens to the doubter? There is no doubter that can be found. The doubts and doubter will both dissolve into the "nothing" that they are.


From the moment you awaken, cancel all interest in your thoughts. They will probably continue to appear and disappear for awhile, but this doesn't matter. They will only cause a problem if you engage with them, and remember, you have free will. You can choose to become involved with them or remain in the awareness that they are around but have nothing to offer you. If you simply watch them come and go, without attempting to stop them, they will cease to disturb. If you notice them at all, do it with cheer and a chuckle.


When a Radical Awakening happens, you are awake in that moment. The next step is deepening the new awareness by integrating it into your life. You do this by observing the body and mind, without engaging with its thoughts about the past, the future, or even what is happening in the present. If there are emotions, feel them completely, and do nothing to change diminish or release them. Let them burn themselves out in their own time.


Welcome everything that happens without any opinion or comment about it. Both positive and negative thoughts are ego's opinions, not reality.


Be natural. Your natural state is a combination of confidence and humility. Engaging in an extreme in either direction is an expression of ego.


When you are completely still within, no matter what happens to the body or the world it inhabits, you may be called to teach. Only do so if the "you" that awakened has disappeared and True Nature can do all the teaching. Not all who awaken are meant to teach about awakening. One required sign of your readiness to do so is a totally quiet mind.

Be your True Self in every moment and enjoy the ride to enlightenment. It is awesome.

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