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Communication in Relationships

The ability to communicate in a respectful and empowering way can make or break a relationship. How we say something is usually more important than what we say. The most heart wrenching news can be delivered in such a way that it is received with gratitude.

What helps bridge the gap between acceptance and rejection of a message is the tone and energy of the one initiating the communication. The best way to approach a communication is from neutrality about the subject of the communication. The worst way to communicate is when we are emotional. If we find ourself reacting to what we have just heard, before speaking, take a break and get back to neutral.

Everybody deserves respect and has the right to their own opinion. Insisting that our opinion is more accurate than theirs is not respectful. It is merely our ego trying to control the situation.

Good communication comes with a dose of kindness and compassion for the receiver. Our beliefs, opinions and advice can only make a significant difference if they are asked for and received without any demands or threats included.

Additional feedback is often asked for by those sincerely motivated by their own self-improvement. This is not an invitation to dump criticism or a negative opinion, but rather, an opportunity to make a supportive, empowering suggestion for their betterment.

The best way to share a suggestion is to ask, what do you think of this, or put it in the form of a request. Don’t get upset if their response to your request is declined. It just means they may disagree with the suggestion or are not ready. This is your opportunity to respond with a true demonstration of respect.

With respect and love,


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