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Satsang schedule:  Please make a reservation


July 15 (Sun.)   Dendo Juku Ctr., Mita Bldg., Meguro  1:30-3:45   3,000 yen

July 29 (Sun.)  Kyobashi Kuminkan, Kyobashi  2:30-4:45    3,000 yen

August 11 (Sat)   Dendo Juku Ctr, Mita Bldg. Meguro  

August 26 (Sun.)  Kyobashi Kuminkan, Kyobashi

Workshop Schedule (Tokyo)

Jan. 12 and 13, 2019  -  WAKE UP NOW!! A two-day weekend workshop specifically designed to bring about a Spiritual Awakening and solidify the understanding of what is needed to deepen and integrate this experience into all aspects of life. Day 1 is preparation (formerly a one-day workshop called Living as Essence), provides a complete understanding of what a spiritual Awakening is and what it IS NOT. Day 2 is a unique opportunity to have a direct experience of your True Self which can can be a Radical Awakening for you (if you are ready). 

Time: 10:00-18:00 both days

Fee:  54,000 yen includes tax


Haramachi Juku Center, Senzuku Tokyo (Meguro line)  



To register:  


or send us an email to advaitajapan@gmail.com

To make bank transfer by Jan. 7 or make other payment arrangements.  


This course reveals ego-mind's unconscious programming of d that keeps us stuck in illusion. It shows us WHO WE ARE NOT so this false persona can be released,  freeing our authentic Nature to become the sole source of our life's choices.  We become peaceful, happy and clear about the actions we are about to take in the world. 

This is not an intellectually based course. There is a lot to learn, but it is absorbed experientially, and in a fun way. In English with Japanese interpretation. For more info go to About the Enneagram on this site. 

January 26 & 27 and February 9 & 10 are the dates of the next course in Tokyo with Aruna. It will be held from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm all four days.

Location: Shibuya (directions will be provided to participants). 

Cost: $117,000 including tax. Deposit full amount in Shinsei Bank futsu acct. (Shinjuku branch) Rea Byers 0404328 by October 22 or make other payment arrangements in advance. 

This course is limited to 12 students. To reserve your place: email advaitajapan@gmail.com, call 080-4079-7454 or sign up on Reservestock in Japanese. 



Inner Masculine and Feminine

"I experienced both the feminine and masculine energies within directly, and discovered they were not in a cooperative relationship. Both energies integrated, and my overall energy state became a lot better. It feels like a block dissolved and now I feel refreshed. I can also see a huge improvement in my friend and work partner. This was a nice surprise. Everything was good."   

   M.H., Tokyo



Radical Awakening

"I was able to go deep into myself and found that the emotions of anger and anxiety I have been carrying do not actually exist—It was me who had been creating them. Now my True Self is still and quiet."

   Mizuho T., Tokyo 



Waking Up the Heart

"It was a simple method and I could feel my heart was sparkling. I intend to make use of this method when I face challenges in my daily life."

   Kenji S., Tokyo



Radical Awakening

"I was able to understand what the awakened state is like. The workshop is well organized and has a good balance of lecture and work. I enjoyed both. Aruna might be the only teacher who can give us not only an experience of awakening, but teaches us how to live in the awakened condition. I really hope more people will awaken from now on."  R.A., Utsunomiya




Living as Essence

"I got a better understanding of what Awakening is and what it is not. I was able to experience the "quiet space between thoughts." I am going to use self-inquiry from now on."

   Y.M., Tokyo



Waking Up the Heart

"Through today's experience I was able to understand what it is to open the heart. Also, I realized it is very important to feel emotions to enrich my sensitivity."

   M.Y., Tokyo