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*** This course contains what most spiritual people seek, but very few find. It combines personal development, the clarity of true Spiritual understanding, an experience of Self Realization (the authentic Awakening moment), and the tools and a road-map to deepen that Awakening into full Liberation from the ego mind. Liberation is not a "state" that comes and goes, it actually allows you to live the rest of your life fully AS your True Self.


The Enneagram for Spiritual Awakening is Part 1 of the Liberate Your True Self Experience. It provides the Personal Development needed for Awakening and Deepening that Awakening. Can you deepen an Awakening without it? Eventually, if you are vigilant and regularly practice Self-Inquiry, but learning the Enneagran system accelerates your

ability to recognize and let go of what is not the Ultimate Truth (ego). 





Inner Masculine and Feminine

"I experienced both the feminine and masculine energies within directly, and discovered they were not in a cooperative relationship. Both energies integrated, and my overall energy state became a lot better. It feels like a block dissolved and now I feel refreshed. I can also see a huge improvement in my friend and work partner. This was a nice surprise. Everything was good."   

   M.H., Tokyo



Radical Awakening

"I was able to go deep into myself and found that the emotions of anger and anxiety I have been carrying do not actually exist—It was me who had been creating them. Now my True Self is still and quiet."

   Mizuho T., Tokyo 



Waking Up the Heart

"It was a simple method and I could feel my heart was sparkling. I intend to make use of this method when I face challenges in my daily life."

   Kenji S., Tokyo



Radical Awakening

"I was able to understand what the awakened state is like. The workshop is well organized and has a good balance of lecture and work. I enjoyed both. Aruna might be the only teacher who can give us not only an experience of awakening, but teaches us how to live in the awakened condition. I really hope more people will awaken from now on."  R.A., Utsunomiya




Living as Essence

"I got a better understanding of what Awakening is and what it is not. I was able to experience the "quiet space between thoughts." I am going to use self-inquiry from now on."

   Y.M., Tokyo



Waking Up the Heart

"Through today's experience I was able to understand what it is to open the heart. Also, I realized it is very important to feel emotions to enrich my sensitivity."

   M.Y., Tokyo



This three-month Awakening-coaching program offers everything a spiritual seeker needs to move their consciousness from "stuck" to fully Awake. It includes a clear explanation about what Awakening IS and what it is NOT, emotional clearing of childhood and past life karma, recognition of unconscious programming and a way to release it when it appears,  effective ways to meditate, a process to quiet mind chatter, an introduction to True Self and the profound REALIZATION that accompanies this introduction as an authentic Spiritual Awakening. It also reveals "what's next" with guidance on how to live with and "deepen" this new awareness.

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