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Satsang schedule:  Please make a reservation


July 15 (Sun.)   Dendo Juku Ctr., Mita Bldg., Meguro  1:30-3:45   3,000 yen

July 29 (Sun.)  Kyobashi Kuminkan, Kyobashi  2:30-4:45    3,000 yen

August 11 (Sat)   Dendo Juku Ctr, Mita Bldg. Meguro  

August 26 (Sun.)  Kyobashi Kuminkan, Kyobashi


is a Sanskrit word that means "association with Truth." It is usually a gathering of

those seeking the ultimate Truth and a teacher who has realized what "Truth is"

and what "Truth is not." The words and grace which the teacher provides during

satsang enables the seekers to discover Truth within themselves. This discovery

is called "a spiritual awakening," and is the beginning of a clearing process which eventually leads to "Enlightenment."

Aruna offers satsang in Tokyo twice a month and in other locations by request. 

"I used to think that those who are awakened or enlightened are special people, different from the rest of us. I had both the desire to become special, and the fear of becoming arrogant if I did.


Before attending satsang I questioned why I had been born, and was looking for something to relieve an inner discomfort, but did not know what I was looking for.


By listening to Aruna and others who spoke in satsang, my conditioning and long held misconceptions have gradually dissolved.


I have come to realize that awakening and enlightenment are not personal and they do not make you special or arrogant. They are about being in the here and now."


In gratitude,


Shoko A., Kyoto Japan


November 23, (Sat.) - 2:30-4:45 pm   Cost: 3,000 yen
English follows:

場所 目黒区原町住区センター
住所 目黒区南一丁目8番9号
最寄り駅 東急目黒線 洗足駅から徒歩10分
電話番 03-3725-0731
場所URL http://www.city.meguro.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/shisetsu/juku_center/mita.htm

Place         Haramachi Juku Center
Address     8-9 Minami 1 Chome, Meguro-ku
Closest Station  Senzoku Stn, Tokyu Mekama Line (10 min walk)
Tel        03-3725-0731
URL with map    http://www.city.meguro.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/shisetsu/juku_center/mita.html

December 6 (Friday) - Dendo Juku Ctr., Mita Bldg., Meguro - 2:30-4:45 pm 

Cost: 3,000 yen.

January 7 (Tuesday) -  Higashiyama Juku Center - 2:30-4:45 pm

Cost: 3,000 yen

Address   24-30 Higashiyama 2 Chome, Meguro-ku

Closest Station  Ikejiri Ohashi Stn, Tokyu Denentoshi Line (7 min walk)

Tel       03-3715-1836

URLwith map    https://www.city.meguro.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/shisetsu/juku_center/higashi.html



場所 目黒区東山住区センター

住所 目黒区東山二丁目24番30号

最寄り駅 東急田園都市線 池尻大橋駅から徒歩7分

電話番号 03-3715-1836

場所URL https://www.city.meguro.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/shisetsu/juku_center/higashi.html

Please make reservation in advance: email advaitajapan@gmail.com or

call 080-4079-7454.