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                            Emotional Clearing 



My first impression of Aruna-san’s Emotional Clearing Session was amazement. It was magical and totally different in quality and efficiency from the sessions I have had with other spiritual counselors. Not only can she immediately identify and pinpoint the troublesome emotions blocking your flow, she solves these problems in a second.


I had visited many spiritual counselors and watched many webinars from abroad before having this session; none of them could specifically identify and eternally clear so many emotional blocks and conflicts from this lifetime, past lifetimes, and those inherited from parents in just 1.25 hours.


In April 2012, I began to suffer from severe irritable bowel syndrome. In 2013, my shoulder became stiff and painful. Medicines and acupuncture did not work. During this time, my income decreased dramatically and went down to ZERO in 2013. Everything seemed out of control. I felt lost, wondered what was going on, and couldn’t stop thinking about how I could get out of this situation. I had a lot of fear to face, but was ready to do so because I was desperate to change the situation.


During these 3 years (2012 to 2015) I visited ten Japanese spiritual counselors.

All of them said the same things:

  • “You need to solve your inner emotional conflict with your mother.”

  • “You need to stop judging and accept various values.”

  • “You need to face and overcome FEAR and become courageous.”

  • “You should love yourself and take care of yourself before taking care of your family and other people.”


I fully understood that I needed to solve my emotional conflicts.

I purchased two products for emotional block releasing from a US website and received two remote healing sessions from US healers. I used these emotional release methods every day in addition to my meditation. I ordered and read more than 20 books (in Japanese and English) in search of causes and solutions.


Those 3-years of introspection and the help of those spiritual counselors did reduce my inner conflicts and judgmental attitudes to some extent, and by May 2015 my physical condition had improved, but I was still depressed and apathetic, and unable to move forward. My financial situation worsened until I was at a standstill and it seemed there was nothing more I could do to improve my situation. Never before had I experienced such a long-lasting tragic situation.


I noticed that I still had some big emotional blocks which had not been identified. I began to consider suicide. While searching the internet for information about people who have had near-death experiences and those who have awakened, I happened to find Aruna-san and her Emotional Clearing Session. I saw her in July 2015.


Aruna-san identified my biggest emotional block right away and helped me clear it in a second. That barrier originated in my past life. She described to me what had happened in that life and I was amazed to learn that I was repeating these same things in this life. In addition to that emotional block, she also identified as many as 24 other  emotional blocks, including some involving my parents, and we cleared all of them in about an hour.


She also suggested a very concrete vision for my future career plan, which was very, very helpful. I believe there are only a few people who can provide such practical and precise advice, because this requires a high level of channeling ability, rich business experience in addition to spiritual counseling experience, the ability to connect-the-dots of the intuited information, and a strong passion for clients to reach Self-realization.


After her session, tears automatically flowed from my eyes and I slept for several hours at home. Two days after the session, I became aware that I can no longer think negatively, and I no longer suffer from negative emotions—even when I try to recall negative past experiences and the emotions I suffered from them. It seems to me that the door to negative emotions has been completely shut. Also, worries about my future have disappeared. I cannot worry about the future anymore, even if I try. Three days after her session, I feel I am free from blaming myself and others, and free from expectations for the future. I am just concentrating on what I am doing now and there are no worries or doubts. I thought I would never experience the feeling of living “here and now,” but now I know that this was because my mind has been busy with regrets, worries and fears, and has never known peace.


In addition to these inner changes, miraculous things have also happened.

Aruna-san told me that my mother was under a lot of stress when she expected me. Soon after the session, I asked my mother about it. She told me that one year before her pregnancy with me she lost my brother, and during that pregnancy she lost her only brother. I knew that my brother passed away before I was born, but I did not know that she had also lost her younger brother, which made her very sad and stressed during the pregnancy.


A miraculous thing has happened for my mother. She has been under great financial stress due to a vacancy of more than one year in an apartment she owns. But on the day following my session, two estate agents called her and a tenant has finally appeared. She is so happy now. I think, thanks to Aruna-san, she was able to release the emotional block from her past that has been stopping her flow.


In the evening following my session I noticed a book on the bookshelf I had not yet read. The title of this book is Life is a Series of Miracles (“Jinsei wa kiseki no renzoku” – (only the Japanese version is available) written by Akiko Yamakawa. She and her husband, Kouya Yamakawa, are very famous translators of spiritual books in Japan. When I read this book, I learned that Aruna-san was the person who transformed the life of Mr. and Mrs. Yamakawa. I had read some of the books they translated and wondered why Mr. Yamakawa (who used to be a promising diplomat) decided to be involved in the spiritual world. I learned from this book that Aruna-san reminded him of his past life and his mission in this lifetime. I think he is actualizing this mission, which he could not realize in that past life, in a different way in this life. Mr. Yamakawa’s story gave me a great hint about how I can correct my past life’s failures and realize myself in this life. I don’t think it was a coincidence that I noticed and read Mrs.Yamakawa’s book on the same day I had Aruna-san’s session. If I hadn’t read that book, I would not know the relationship between Aruna-san and Mr. and Mrs. Yamakawa.


That is Aruna-san. She does not do her service to become rich or famous, but purely for the client’s welfare through Self-realization. Her fee for a session exemplifies her pure and passionate motive.


Considering the value of the Emotional Clearing session, Aruna-san could charge more than 100,000 yen per hour, but she charges only 38,000 yen including translation fee for a session that can identify and eternally clear many emotional blocks from this lifetime and from a past life.


Before I found Aruna-san, I searched for persons who clear emotional blocks in the USA. My searches indicated that there are a few who can identify specific emotional blocks and clear them in one or two hours, although they are unlikely to be able to identify emotional blocks from a past life. They charge more than 80,000 yen per hour without translation fee.


I struggled for three years, and spent many hours and much money for my emotional healing, before I found Aruna-san. What I learned from these experiences is that emotional blocks are very stubborn, disturb you a lot, and can keep you from living your vision. Emotional blocks hidden in your subconscious or from a past life are reasons why the law of attraction does not work for many people. It is nearly impossible to clear them all by yourself, or even with the help of multiple spiritual healers, because it is very, very difficult to identify them.


I strongly recommend to people who do not feel happy, who are stuck, or who find it difficult to know their True Self and life mission to receive Aruna-san’s Emotional Clearing Session. I think everyone has some emotional blocks, so I’m hoping that more people will experience Aruna Magic and become much happier. I believe this can be a short cut to a peaceful world, because it will increase the number of happy people.


I hesitantly sold my precious watch to create the money for Aruna-san’s session. But I can guarantee that her session is priceless. It was a precious experience in my life. I profoundly understand when and how I was hurt, what kind of things I experienced in my past life, and how my parents also suffered emotionally. Even though my head understood that “forgiveness” is very important, I could not forgive myself and other people who hurt me. Through Aruna-san’s session, I learned that everyone has been hurt in this lifetime (as well as in their past lives), and I finally understand the importance of forgiveness within my heart.


I am so grateful and thankful for the watch that helped me receive Aruna-san’s emotional clearing session. I also learned that by releasing my attachments, much will come to me.

There were so many valuable life lessons in her session.


Many many thanks to Aruna-san.


Noriko (Tokyo Japan)

Emotional Clearing Sessions

Emotional Clearing Sessions are done only on Skype or Zoom. Each session takes approximately 1.25 hrs. The fee for a session with Japanese interpretation is 41,500 yen which includes Japanese tax, payment made by fund transfer to a Japanese bank. An English session is $350, with payment made through Paypal. 


Release lifetimes of trapped emotions NOW by making an appointment for an Emotional Clearing Session with Aruna:

These sessions are based on the Emotion Code work of Dr. Bradley Nelson. Aruna has expanded his emotion chart to include emotions her Japanese clients have described to her in the 10-years she has done this work in Japan. She also uses her channeling ability to retrieve information from past lives so trapped emotions from these lives can be cleared.

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