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Be Wary of Ego     エゴにご用心


Having an Awakening experience without a clear mental understanding of how your ego will work to overshadow it, makes it much more difficult to deepen your initial Awakening into full Awakened awareness. The “undoing of ego’s influence” is an ongoing process that continues to unfold as you live your life. It may take the rest of one’s lifetime to root out all the remaining little bits of illusion hidden from awareness in the unconscious mind. This is why it is ludicrous for anyone to make the claim that they have reached full enlightenment.


 It can be a real challenge to successfully transition from an initial Awakening to enlightenment regardless of how spectacular that Awakening experience may have been, without the assistance of a fully Awakened teacher. Avoid the sidetrack of working with multiple teachers with divergent points of view, as this will only confuse you. It works best if you stick with one teacher only, fully immersing yourself in their influence. Nobody can anoint you with enlightenment, only your True Self does that. The best teachers are those who keep reminding you that you are already free, and then help remove your doubts about that.


WARNING: One of the ways ego will attempt to regain its control is to find reasons to get you to leave your teacher. It does this by projecting its judgments onto the teacher.


An authentic, fully awakened teacher will mirror to you everything that your particular ego has been denying. If you find yourself judging the teacher, (or anyone else for that matter) find the source of that disturbance within yourself and own it, then let go of that projection. That is what it takes to liberate your True Self from ego.










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