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The Spiritual Enneagram — 

       from Fixation to Freedom


NEXT COURSE;  Six two-hour sessions will be scheduled when  6 interested parties have registered. 


You can have a number of profound spiritual experiences, and even an actual Awakening, but still be controlled by the ego/mind because the mind rarely disappears on these occasions. It’s similar to the meditation experience, where the personal identity reappears as soon as the meditation has ended.


The ego/mind will continue to bombard you with thoughts, memories, attitudes, beliefs and emotions until you empty the unconscious of its triggering mechanisms, and fully embody your True Nature.


Temporary inner peace is not Enlightenment. You can meditate for years, but if the unconscious mind is still programmed with childhood perceptions and their compensating behaviors, you will still find yourself engaging with such thoughts after an authentic Awakening. What remains in the unconscious provides an

opportunity for ego to suck you back in to the personal story. After Awakening, vigilance is needed so this does not happen.


Developing Presence

Learning the Enneagram is the greatest gift anyone can give to him or herself. With the spiritual Enneagram, ego’s programming is totally exposed, allowing you to recognize ego/mind in action and permanently delete its control over your life.


The Enneagram system, much more than just knowing your personality type, can bring you fully into Presence. It does so by showing you how the ego works, the level of spiritual health each unconscious behavior represents, and what needs to be done to transcend each one. It puts you on the fast track to total liberation.


Aruna teaches the Riso and Hudson, Enneagram Institute’s version of The Enneagram, with an emphasis on Awakening. The course is structured so that a bit of ego is dissolved with each “ah-ha” you have.  The information provided is solidified in the exercises she uses, so it is not something you have to memorize—it expands your awareness as you proceed.

If you are interested in learning the Enneagram, please register. When there are 6 wanting to participate we will schedule a course. The richness of the material is greatly enhanced by interacting with the other participants. The bigger the group, the more everyone benefits.


To put your name on the Enneagram Course list send an email to and put ENNEAGRAM COURSE in the subject line. Tell us you want this course and your name and email address.

****** Ongoing COACHING clients will learn their Enneagram type and work with Aruna on how to become liberated from ego's  control with its ways of thinking and behavior.

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