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Who is it that's Afraid?



Fear is nothing more than a mental construct consisting of two components: perception and conclusion. Mind observes a situation and forms an opinion about it. If that situation is not as mind would like it to be, it concludes that that situation and all others like it must be avoided; a seed of a fear has been planted. This conclusion then becomes deeply embedded in the unconscious, and that sequence repeats itself whenever a new or different cause of disturbance presents itself.


 Mind has, from our inception on the planet, deemed itself to be our overseer and protector, our savior from whatever “it” perceives to be dangerous. It has busied itself from childhood forward perceiving and forming opinions about any and every potential threat as they have occurred. Now that we are adults, however, with minds continuing to serve up these responses formed as an infant or a young child, there is a mismatch. Most of us go through life following along with mind’s guidance, reliving our reactions to those original conclusions.  Every time we are presented with a disturbing event somewhat comparable to one from our childhood, we mentally regress to that same quality of response.  And we will continue to react like we did as a child for the rest of our life— unless we dissolve those opinions and conclusions, which were established in our unconscious during childhood.


 We all have a ready supply of these immature opinions driving our behavior. NLP has some excellent ways to address them, and I have used these tools very effectively on myself and for others. One by one they can all be addressed and released.


 But there is a way to eliminate every one of them and their influences in one fell swoop! The fastest and easiest way to let go of these erroneous reactions is to discover who it is that is afraid! Is it the conscious, aware, you, that is all knowing and able to see a situation for what it really is? Or is it the ego/mind who pretends to be you and pushes you towards maintaining its own very personal view of the world? Find out who it is that is afraid, and you can ignore the whisper of those fearful childlike opinions altogether.


 Your intelligence says “of course,” I know its my ego that is afraid, and not my True Self, but unless you have had a direct experience of your True Nature, and know who you really are (without a doubt), you can still be seduced by those ego messages and the emotions that accompany them. The fastest way out of this dilemma is a spiritual awakening.  In the one day “Radical Awakening experience” most people can free themselves of ego’s control— forever! Forever? Yes, because you are either awake or you are not; once you wake up, ego’s game is over. It will try to maintain the web it has woven, but it will not win. When you participate in Advaita teachings, (satsangs) as Papaji often said, “your head is already in the tiger’s mouth.

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