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The Liberate True Self Experience


Liberate Your True Self
from your Conscious AND Unconscious Mind

3 Qualities of the Awakened Condition

Did you know that three Qualities of the Awakened Condition are a Quiet Mind (no thoughts, clarity), an Open Heart (total acceptance, embrace of What Is), and fully embodied Presence (surrender to what is Here and Now)?

And that these Qualities correspond to our three Power Centers: the Head, the Heart, and the Hara (gut)?

However, we cannot ‘get there’ just by working hard on ourselves: we need to experience the Divine Grace of Presence, and that can come through contact with a teacher who has Awakened.

In fact, a Spiritual Awakening experiences can happen to anyone at any time—and for some this does happen, spontaneously and without any knowledge of what has occurred. For most of us, though, the Awakening moment comes after seeking and finding an awakened teacher to guide them to their own Awakening experience.

Aruna Byers Awakened in 1993. Since that pivotal moment she has been able to establish a quiet mind, inner peace, joy, emotional stability and inner strength. She has dedicated her life to the spread of this Divine Grace in the world in conjunction with the wisdom of her teacher Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) and his teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Over the last 10 years in Japan and around the world, she has led hundreds of people to experience Spiritual Awakening.

Awakening is not the end of the journey

Either way, for that initial Awakening experience to take root and deepen into living the Awakened Condition, however, requires more than just that “aha” moment where the Truth is glimpsed.


The Awakening experience is merely the first step; the next crucial step is to deepen and integrate that awareness—of the Truth of who we are—into our daily lives, by freeing ourselves from our Ego mind—both its conscious and unconscious aspects.

Freedom from the conscious mind means becoming quiet, becoming able to still our thoughts. Freedom from the unconscious mind, however, requires that we discover the very structure of our ego, so we can begin to dismantle it completely.

Avoiding the traps

Luckily, a map exists of how our each of our ego minds is structured. With this map, we can know for certain whether we are on the path to living Truth. Learning map will show you the unconscious behavior patterns, the “fixations” that keep us under the control of a false identity.

Without this map, many people who have had an initial Awakening experience mistakenly believe their work is done and they are free, when in fact they are missing the opportunity to fully experience human life as their peaceful, unconditionally loving True Self.

This map of your ego-personality is called the Enneagram of Personality. It will not only shine a light on your path to liberation, but also help you to Quiet the Mind, Open the Heart, and Embody Presence.

In this course, Aruna has combined the Advaita teachings and the Enneagram of Personality to take her students to the Truth of everlasting peace and support them to live life as their True Self. With this experiential method, she has facilitated hundreds to deepen these Awakenings into the inner peace only possible with a quiet mind. 


The Liberate True Self Experience (with interpretation)

Course schedule: 16 sessions x 2-2.5 hours

Starts:19:00 JST Wednesdays, 

+ Personal Awakening experience


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