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Clearly Channel the Voice of True Self

This 4-day course, including a private Emotional Clearing session with Aruna,

will take place in when 10 participants have registered.

Sign up to let us know you are interested.

  • Learn what everyone needs to know about channeling.

  • Discover how to discern between inter-dimensional entities, your ego, and pure divine consciousness.

  • Develop a co-operative mind that supports channeling and  spiritual awakening.

  • Learn how to receive information from your True Self (and/or guides from other dimensions).

  • Let channeling be a way to open your heart and mind.

  • Become a clear source of inspiration, guidance, and wisdom for yourself and others.

Reflections from those who have participated in Aruna’s Channeling Course:


I was not very interested in channeling itself, but because it was a channeling course taught by Aruna, who has had a spiritual awakening, I became interested.

I attended with the feeling of “when I feel lost in my life, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could ask for and receive guidance from higher dimensional beings and get answers?”  I was very happy with the outcome.


Aruna’s channeling (the way Aruna presents channeling) is, not like fortune telling or an oracle, but rather it becomes part of what guides us to spiritual awakening, and that is why I found it trustworthy.

Every time I attended this course, it felt like a veil was being lifted from me, and it became easier for me to connect.


In Buddhism there are concepts such as compassion and desire; I was in

confusion about the various forms of love.

In this class I was able to feel for myself the existence of a Greater



Now my task is to learn to communicate that love. 


Aruna’s emotional clearing session, her teachings, and her energy as an awakened person helped to clear my shadow and accelerate the deep understandings I received from the practices we did. I have become clearer and my intuition and inspiration have improved. I can now leave things to the flow without worrying.


After the workshop ended, I realized that for me this workshop was priceless. It was a great transformational opportunity that set me free from emotional conflicts I have suffered for decades. Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience.  


N.M. Tokyo

The channeling workshop gave me two things: a tool that can be used in everyday life and an opportunity to let go of my past.

I use channeling everyday, when I have questions and need some advice.

It helps my deepening process too, because it provides a way to quiet my ego-mind and become silent.

In addition, thanks to the channeling workshop, I recognized my ego-mind pattern which has helped me let go of thoughts about the past.

I highly recommend this workshop to those who want to be clear and connected to true wisdom.

Y.M. Kanagawa

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