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Sparkling Eyes



When I look into the sparkling eyes peering back at me I feel so lucky. I am lucky to be in Tokyo,

lucky to be alive at this time, and lucky to be leading the satsangs that are liberating these pairsof sparkly eyes.


 My only memory of so many glowing eyes in one place was in Lucknow, India when I attended

the satsangs of Papaji and Gangaji. When I first arrived there, I longed for that sparkle I saw in

them, but I wasn't quite ready; no—not immediately. That was why I had come, and I wasn't

about to leave until my eyes were like theirs. For six-weeks I watched the fog lift from one pair

of eyes after another, and each time it happened my heart would soar, because I knew that it

would soon be my turn. I didn't know when, but there was no longer a doubt that it would—my

heart (and eyes) would soon join the crowd.


 What causes the eyes to sparkle? Nothing— the absence of everything! And this is my point.

The ego perpetuates emotions that cloud our vision, keeping us from seeing reality, from 

knowingour authentic Self. But once we realize the Truth about ego, and experientially discover our True identity, we are instantly free of fear, doubt, worry, and all the murky clouds of beliefs and attitudes that have been keeping us stuck in illusion.  It is said that the eyes are the doorway to the soul, but rarely is True Nature visible. Yet, I am now seeing the essence of True Nature in more pairs of eyes, ready to en-lighten all they shine their light upon.  I am seeing "egos gasping their last breath" as True Nature frees itself from the confines of human thought forms.


 There is no ego in a Master. The only qualification for Mastery is the full embodiment and unimpeded expression of True Nature. If ego is still present, with any of its beliefs, desires, and agendas, including that it must impress "others", teach its beliefs, or alter God's creation in any way, then actual Mastery is still trapped in ego's storehouse of misunderstandings. Total surrender of ego to the "will and knowing of True Nature" is what turns a "person" into a Master; nothing else.


 There are few words to express the joy that runs through this body when I see the shining eyes of Masters joining our Tokyo satsangs. Not only do I see the sparkle of light that they bring, I am also seeing my own reflection laughing back at me.  They are me and I am them, and now we share only peace and joy, the essence of our One True Nature.


 Fifteen pairs of sparkling eyes were seen leaving our Radical Awakening Experience on Thursday, June 20. Look for them at future satsangs and let their light help to awaken yours. What a blessing this satsang community brings to Japan.



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Papaji's sparkling eyes


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