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Wake Up and Shine

One thing that has come to my attention about the Awakening work I’ve been doing in Japan, is that I have opened a door for spiritual understanding and catalyzed Awakenings for many who don’t seem to have developed much of the deepening process I continue to recommend. Consequently, they are still being controlled by their ego fixation while believing they have been liberated. Since the outcome of an authentic spiritual awakening is to be in your life as your True Self, I have decided to alter my approach somewhat.

My revised “Wake up Now” offering will begin with a fun, hands-on program showing the importance of Self-development, including an understanding of how to discover the ego fixation so it cooperates with, rather than opposes the unfolding of your True Self. All of this will be so that you can initiate and carry on with a successful deepening process. After this I will offer the experience of the “Awakening moment” to everyone who demonstrates an understanding of the need to expose and separate themselves from their hidden programming. I want people to be committed to this process of liberation, not just the initiation of it (the Awakening Moment).

I can educate and inspire you with my writings and satsangs, but to fully “Wake Up Now” you will need to recognize and begin releasing yourself from the egoic programs which have kept your mind stuck in illusion. An Awakening” includes dissolving this unconscious programming. “Being Awake” means you begin to think and act as your True Self as often as you can, and eventually in every moment!

Enlightenment is not a guaranteed consequence of Spiritual understanding or any Spiritual experience. We can spend time with Enlightened teachers, read inspiring books, and faithfully perform spiritual practices, but none of these will assure us of knowing the Enlightened condition. Even though someone might have a sudden realization of Truth without doing any of these things, the seeker, the student, or anyone who has tasted Truth will all be missing eternal peace and the wisdom of Awakened Awareness as long as they remain under the influence of the mind’s unconscious programming.

I pursued personal development before and after my Awakening, and I used the Enneagram to deepen my initial awakening. It showed me how my ego, and the egos of those I interacted with, could collude together to create unloving separation. I was so impressed with what it was able to reveal that I decided to learn it well enough to teach it to others. Aside from focused, unrelenting use of Ramana Maharshi’s method of Self-Inquiry, I am convinced the Enneagram of Personality is the most expedient item in my tool box for helping my students pursue being in the world as their True Self, after their Awakening.

You only need one “Authentic Awakening Moment,” but to be liberated you absolutely must cherish and grow what was realized in that moment until it becomes your predominant understanding of “Oneness,” and your way of being in the world. If you hesitate, the illusionary ego persona will bury your Realization in a barrage of chatter and will suggest contrary behaviors, which could overshadow that precious realization for a long time to come.

I am creating a comprehensive Awakening Course that can be presented online. It will be in a number of segments to keep it relaxed and fun, through which everyone attending will receive the same benefits provided in my “in-person” courses.

My first Being in the World with Awakened Awareness course, will be presented in English with Japanese translation. More details to come.

June satsangs with Aruna (on Zoom)

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