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The Purpose of Sangha

Satsang is a Sanskrit word­ — Sat meaning Truth and Sang meaning association with. In spiritual circles, the word Satsang refers to a group that seeks, or associates with Truth. Typically this group, a sangha, includes a Spiritually Awakened teacher who directs the group to focus within for the purpose of individual and collective Realizations of Truth.

Participants in Satsang are not merely “spiritual tourists,”those who go from teacher to teacher to revel in phenomenon or have “other worldly” experiences, but rather “sincere people,” who support the energy and wisdom of their particular group while they learn from it.

Most seekers of Truth become so because they feel they are different, and can no longer relate to those who do not share their values or point of view. A longing for Truth and “True people” arises within, which motivates them to find others who want the same.

Some turn to religion, finding companionship with those of like beliefs, but “ripe” seekers of Truth (those with expanded awareness brought forward from previous lifetimes), are usually not satisfied with religious dogma because it is just another point of view that they cannot totally relate to.

Their True Self is longing for a sangha, a community of those who want “Truth and nothing but Truth,” in a gathering where Truth can be found. They also want friends with whom they can “fully be their authentic Self,” without concern for what “others” think.

The sangha I lead from Tokyo is neither a cult, nor a place you must physically visit. There are no practices you must commit to, no ongoing membership fees, and no tests to take or contracts to sign. You are free to come and go. But, the benefits available to you from joining our Sanga on a regular basis (the teachings, the energy of spiritual grace, the companionship and support shared) are like gold, paving your way to a complete Spiritual Awakening.

Love, Aruna

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