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Starting Over, Again

Aruna’s May 2020 blog

Starting Over, Again

Saint Germain once told me, “All growth comes from movement and change.” That statement has shown itself to be true many times over in this human life. In fact, there have been so many stops and starts, I no longer feel comfortable making long term plans. Being flexible and ready to do something different has become a theme I find myself living in every moment.

This way of life began as soon as I became interested in Truth. I eventually discovered that the role I had been playing, that loyal, responsible daughter, wife, mother, Realtor, etc. was the life my mother had dreamed up for me, rather than the one I wanted for myself. I was not feeling fulfilled, so I began looking for ways to make improvements. I began to meditate, started reading self-help books, and to seek out people I could talk to about self-awareness. I

found like-minded people in places I never expected, like my real estate courses, and they led me to Lifespring, a personal development training that opened my eyes and heart to many new possibilities. But what did I have to give up to get the life I wanted? As it turned out . . . anything and everything not needed for the next “life chapter,” and this one came with help!

Spirit guides appeared, and though it was obvious that what they were guiding me to do was important for my development, there was again, also a lot to let go of.

My income came to a halt when my Real Estate business died in 1985. Relationship with my friends and family, including my husband of 23 years and my teenage children, also evaporated around this time . . . they all thought I was crazy.

Why did I continue to follow these spirit guides? Because I felt loved by them and useful - like never before! Helping others was the key. At their gentle direction my new life was for the good of everyone, not just those who demanded and expected my attention.

I have started over many times since then. Each time, when I I moved to a new location, the customary routine was altered quickly and a new way of life presented itself. Before coming to Japan to live I had a big house and garden in the United States. In January 2010 I put everything but some of my clothes in storage and moved to Uruguay. A year and a half later, in April 201l, when I was settled in Japan, I had a friend dispose of most of what remained in that US storage, lightened up once again from material attachments.

Leading satsangs and workshops for in-person groups is no longer possible during current Covid 19 conditions, so I am learning another way to do my work. I’m becoming a “Zoomer.” I thought I’d be retired by now, but here I am, starting over once again. I am gratful for the growth and all the loving support that helps me adjust to the ongoing flow of changes I now experience as “this body’s human life” in this day and age.

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