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Sacred Silence

Living in a country where Christmas is mostly a light show rather than a shopping frenzy allows me to enjoy my break from work in the silence of Hashirimizu, a small fishing village located next to Tokyo Bay. The energy of a Shinto Shrine and 3 adjacent Buddhist Temples all embrace my home where I spend most of my time in the only heated room on the main level of the house. This is where my computer and meditation chair reside.

The combination of heat and coziness warms both my body and heart on cold, windy and rainy days. This 50 year old house has minimal insulation, so visits to the cold toilet room bring regular reminders that winter is for rejuvenation, the time to retreat and simply enjoy the sacred silence; those blissful moments when the mind is fully immersed in True Self, the heart is fully open, and divine light flows through the body. I invite you to join me in retreat this year.

Find a comfortable chair in a warmed room. If the energy of that room is not welcoming, light a candle and/or some incense, or spray it with an Aura Soma Air Freshener to clear it. Relax into the chair, putting your mind’s attention on your breath. Stay awake and aware, but don’t think. If you find thoughts drifting into your awareness, put your attention back onto your breath. Expect nothing. Feel the breath move in and out of your body and relax a bit more with every exhale.

As True Self flows freely through the body it will heal by clearing the energy blocks negative thoughts have created. Your spirit will soar, and mind and body will be cleansed and recharged. The more time you spend like this, the better you and your home will feel; more creativity will also flow when you return to work. The tasks may be the same as they were before you withdrew to the silence, but what you will bring to them after retreating will be a gift from True Self. Life lived responding as True Self warms you from the inside.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

With love,


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