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Frustration - How to deal with it!

Aruna:s March 2021 Blog

Since I know that everything comes from ONE SOURCE, then it stands to reason that the internet, computers and things connected to them, as well as Global Warming and the Covid 19 pandemic must all be connected in some way. I don’t know how exactly, but in some way it all is.

Regarding my own particular human experience, many things are either not working the way I want and expect them to, or they are not working at all ! While butting my head against these circumstances, my mind is peaceful, but sometimes my physical body becomes tense and feels like it is about to explode from the inside out !!

For example, in December when my hard drive destroyed itself, I was faced with replacing that computer, post haste. Notified there would be a delay of up to 3 weeks to get a new one with English only key board, my husband went to the nearest “authorized” Apple “dealer” and had to settle for a “new one” with English +Japanese key board. We thought we got the latest and greatest version. It wasn’t. Thank goodness we bought a 3-year Apple Care warranty, but it turns out this policy is only linked to the store of purchase.

A few weeks later I took the computer back to its place of purchase when it started blinking a black screen and the audio didn’t work, but the only English speaker there was too busy to help me and said “come back next week on Monday or Friday.” I had satsang scheduled for the next day, Sunday, so Giaccomo and I took the hour long train trip to the closest “actually official” Apple Store to have it looked at. It checked out mostly OK, but still had problems. That’s where we learned it was not the new M-1 model we thought we had purchased. And, of course, Japan has a very limited store return policy. Looks like I’m stuck with what we bought, unless I’m willing to take a $700.00 loss on the return plus pay full price for the new replacement ­— I’m not. FRUSTRATION !!!

ZOOM is a great tool for doing my work, but sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. Like last Sunday when I couldn’t get on ZOOM and my Satsang participants were all stuck in the waiting room. I rescheduled for two hours later, got another ZOOM account to use, and once again, I couldn’t get on. Satsang was postponed again, hopefully with enough time for me to find some way onto ZOOM successfully. FRUSTRATION !!!

My grandson in the US is fascinated with Japanese computer games, and decided to purchase some related items from a Japanese online store. This store doesn’t ship to the US, so he had them ship his stuff to me. There were three boxes of it. On a normal day I would send a combined box of stuff to the US, but due to Covid 19 and the dwindling number of flights, the Post Office in Japan, in compliance with the new US,”STOP” program, has a myriad of new rules about international shipments.

Today, I had to join the Japan Postal Service “as a member,” in order to be authorized to print out a special address label; no more handwritten addressing allowed. This special label must be precise, and be printed on a laser printer, which I don’t have. So tomorrow I must take the big box on the bus to the larger J.P. branch in the next town and, using the special “authorized member” app. on my smart phone, print the acceptable label on the Japan Post Office printer. And to top it off, because of its size (it only weighs 3+ pounds), this box can only go to the US by surface mail, which will take 3-6 months to arrive at its destination in California. FRUSTRATION !!!!

One of these episodes at a time is not hard to deal with. Just breathe deeply, move the body and let it get adjusted to the frustration energy. It will calm down, and as you refuse to think about the situation any further, it will pass. “Can I be OK with this” is a good question to ask yourself, to help you either feel the emotion and release it, or this question will move your ego-mind into surrendered acceptance.

Likewise, when multiple things exasperate you at the same time, the solution is the same, but it is a bit harder to relax and let go of the stories that have invaded your life experience when they pile up. It takes focus and intention, and yes, possibly, another day or so of feeling those unsettling feelings. They will pass, and like all personal stories, these too will eventually be forgotten. Consider them a test and measure of your determination for true freedom. Keep breathing! You will get good at this, and with diligence there will come a day when they last only a few seconds or minutes. After years of this my peacefulness abides.

Hope this helps you with your experience of overcoming FRUSTRATION!

With love,


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