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From Personhood to Presence

Presence is existence without the details. All animated forms have presence, exude energy, show aliveness. Presence calls attention. Yet, as soon as we begin to name any observable characteristics of presence we lose the impact of what presence actually is.

Presence is another word for “True Self,” the source of all existence. What radiates from any individual form as True Self does not rely upon the costume it wears, its hair and make-up, shape, or other visible features. What ultimately draws attention is the vibrancy of spirit revealed in the posture and pose, the intensity of this presence. When you focus more on its subtle vibratory frequency, the presence of True Self necessarily becomes more apparent, showing up completely independent of the display of any qualities of personality we attribute to the idea of “personhood.”

Presence becomes more apparent to us once we cultivate the habit of recognizing it as the energy of True Self which enlivens a form. The features of a form’s appearance are not responsible for any more, or any less aliveness. Aliveness comes from the strength of the inner spirit. How dynamic it is, how much it empowers the form depends on how unencumbered the form is, how freely this vibratory energy is encouraged to flow through a given form into the world. This dynamic aliveness radiating “silent” vibratory energy will not only attract our attention . . . as we become accustomed to recognizing it all around us, we are becoming aligned to its augmentation of our own energy of True Self.

When we think of ourselves as a person, we usually get caught in a mental ”merry-go-round” that perpetuates duality. We judge everything we see. We consider ourselves weak or strong, attractive or not, talented or not, skilled or less skilled, etc. These thoughts that ego perpetuates about our personhood are many and varied, and never ending! Presence, on the other hand, is what dictates our stability, strength and attractiveness. Presence is a powerful force in the human experience once we invite it in and begin to act on its inner impulses. Because ego thoughts are designed to discredit or discourage such motivations and behavior that is why we absolutely must Awaken to our True Self.

When we do so, we recognize and acknowledge our vastness, and begin to be . not “just” a person, but our True Self, present and available in every moment, enhancing our physicality in the material world.

All of my efforts on behalf of my students and all my workshops are directed at the fact that It is so uncomplicated to just “let IT shine.”

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