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An Awakening Experience Alone is Not Enough

How I discovered this and what I did.

Soon after my Awakening in 1993, I couldn’t help but notice the dichotomy between the way I felt, and the way my body continued to act. I too was operating under the illusory thought that once the Realization moment had taken place I was done with the need for any more spiritual “work,” but that was not my actual experience.

For more than 20 years I had participated in powerful workshops, been worked on by accomplished healers, and done everything I could, including traveling to many countries to experience all the wonderful cultures and expose myself to Earth’s sacred sites, so I could become a model of the spiritual teachings I was channeling. And yet, my “supposedly liberated self “(NOT my True Self), did not demonstrate any advanced levels of consciousness when faced with behaviors whose triggers had not yet been uncovered and deleted. And I was getting a taste of these triggers in rapid succession. It felt over and over like life was saying, “how peaceful can you be with this circumstance, and this next one, etc.” Sometimes many situations would come at me at the same time, like financially struggling because of an auto accident which put me in the hospital without insurance coverage; or another in which the insurance company refused to pay my medical expenses because I went to a chiropractor, instead of a medical doctor, for whiplash treatment.

The challenges were sometimes overwhelming, and I often asked myself, why do I respond to these events the same way I did before I Awakened. Why doesn’t my spontaneous behavior now match my Awakened understanding? The answer to this question became clear once I began learning the Enneagram.

The Enneagram revealed those hidden, unconscious programs that had not been mitigated by those years of personal development work I had done, or even by the shift my Awakening realization had made to my consciousness. My responses were the same as they always were, no matter how conscious I appeared to become. But thanks to the Enneagram of Personality I could now see where I was stuck and had a way to release that stuckness. The Enneagram was the light, the simple comprehensive tool that allowed me to clear the dense dark forest I had once called unconscious mind. This is how I finally began to allow True Self to be “me” in the world.

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