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An Awakened Human is Still Human

Aruna’s Blog October 2020

If you are fantasizing about what life will be like once you have Awakened, please include these observations (from my experience) in your fantasy:

1. Your body will still be tall, short, fat, thin, strong or weak, just like it was prior to Awakening. but your appearance will change slightly. You will be happy, and this happiness will radiate from you like a softly lit lightbulb.

2. Your emotional reactions will decrease and become stable — appearing and disappearing quickly as they are felt and released.

3. Your mind chatter will be observable and “depletable”— with the use of Self-Inquiry and by ignoring it, just as you do in meditation.

4. Your understanding of yourself and the world around you will expand in a gradual way.

5. Life goes on – your body will return to its story and the dramas will continue to unfold, providing numerous opportunities to become a model of that Truth you have realized.

6. Any spiritual gifts you have acquired from Awakening are for the benefit of those who need them. These gifts only occur if this form of service was included in your body’s unique destiny plan.

7. An Awakening does not make you “special,” super-human, a miracle worker, or a guru. It is the beginning of an ongoing expansion of consciousness that must be fully integrated into your current human experience.

8. Humility is a virtue that becomes evident over time. Be aware of your thoughts, because if they claim “specialness,” they most likely are egoic attempts to regain control of your mental choices.

9. Your life will seem easier to navigate because you are more relaxed and can accept and deal with whatever challenges you must face.

10. You will still need to deal with life’s challenges, big and small, to deepen and stabilize Awakened Awareness.

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