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Coronavirus Awareness

The threat of illness and the possibility of death swirls around us now, no matter our circumstances or country of residence. Our plans are being disrupted and questions about “what to do” far outweigh recommended solutions. Wear a mask, or don’t? Stay home, or not? Wash hands often sounds good, but when face to face with possible contaminates, will this definitively help? No one seems to know for sure.

One thing we are hearing from most “experts” which can make a difference: the strength of our immune system can surmount symptoms and be the difference between life and death. Here are some tips on how you can strengthen these inner forces of self-protection:

1. Relax. Fear causes tension and tension becomes stress. Stress depletes our immune system, so instead of thinking “what can I do?” think about what you can STOP DOING” Reduce stress by taking naps, meditate, get plenty of sleep, relax with music, watch funny movie/videos, etc. Help your body recover from stresses with which your mind has been belaboring your own powers of defense. Take walks, enjoy the beauty you see all around you. Smile, enjoy.

2. Reframe negative thoughts. Instead of complaining about how your life is being disrupted, your income diminished, uncover the benefits of an unexpected vacation. Find things to be grateful for and let these thoughts cancel any negative thoughts that attempt to bring you down.

3. Resolve distress from your past. Can you let go of the anger you still feel towards someone from your past? Hanging on to that anger energy depletes immune system capabilities you may need in the future. What negative thoughts can you let go of TODAY?

4. Sing, dance. These can take your attention away from those negative thoughts about “What if?” which appear from nowhere, and only keep you in fear.

5. Eat whole, nutritious foods that help you feel good. Avoid sweets and highly processed food making your body work harder to sustain its health. Take probiotics and add fermented foods to your diet like: homemade yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, kim chi, miso, natto, etc. which alkalize the system.

6. Drink clear, clean water and sugar-free liquids. Many invading bacteria and fungal strains (including cancers), do not survive well when facing a strong immune system and consistently alkaline body chemistry — powerful inexpensive health protection information!

7. Diffuse anti-viral essential oils if you can.

8. Laugh, it relaxes much of the body. Be willing to laugh at yourself and your situation. Look for the sunny side of whatever is happening . . . bathe frequently in that sun.

9. Talk to a friend, coach or counselor if you are over-anxious, over-thinking, over praying, fearful, etc. They may have additional suggestions for tapping into your inner reserves. You’ve got them . . . get in touch and put them into action.

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