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Hearing the Call

The One Consciousness all humans share is creating a world that supports humanity in fulfilling its common purpose. This purpose is: to discover our True Self and fully express the Love, Truth, Creativity, and Wisdom of our authentic nature. A formidable task to be sure, but not difficult to do; we express these qualities whenever we are fully present to the moment.

So why do some people succeed at doing this and most don’t? Because those that succeed are being called from within to do so, and are willing to do “whatever it takes” to find the Truth about who they are. Those who do not succeed do not hear or heed the call. There is an old saying that applies here, “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.”

Our spiritual nature is calling us from within and without to explore the universal ocean of consciousness. Our curiosity, hunches, dreams, inspirations AND our life circumstances are all presenting us with clues that can help us find that “water” which contains “our Truth.” Some of us will recognize these clues and realize that the pieces fit together like a puzzle. We will question the clues and follow a creek until it leads us to the ocean. And when we reach the ocean we will not be afraid to take a drink, for the calling is strong and we have

no other priorities that will override it. On our journey we have either resolved or dissolved all the potential distractions which have appeared along the way. The desires, attachments, beliefs and judgments which could have impeded our ability to reach our goal no longer cause fear or hesitation. Freedom from these mental and emotional obstacles allows us to accept whatever lies ahead.

Those who do not drink from the ocean of consciousness, or even reach its shores, may have gotten stuck in some belief or disturbance which has kept them from reaching their goal. They can work through this stuckness and free themselves of these challenges. This is why there are spiritual teachers, to help along the way.

But those who do not hear the call, because they are not being quiet enough, or sensitive enough, or willing to challenge their childhood conditioning by taking appropriate action, will unfortunately be facing at least one more lifetime (until they can do so).

The workshop I am facilitating in November will lead to hearing The Voice of True Self, knowing how to deal with ego, and becoming a clear channel for True Self. To register: email

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