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Liberated Living

How do we know if we are truly FREE? Having an Awakening moment does not equal total Freedom, this is just the experience that opens the door to liberation, it is not liberation itself. What makes the difference between the Awakening experience and liberation is the degree of purging of egoic attitudes, beliefs and programming you have done, to help reach a quiet mind. As life continues in third dimension, each past unresolved challenge will reappear, and is a golden opportunity to recognize and release a mistaken attitude, belief or program.

Our True Identity, the One True Self, is aware and neutral about all that is taking place in physicality. When the ego-mind is quiet ,True Self can spontaneously respond to what appears.

The way Papaji put it: When one abides as the Self, some divine power takes charge of one´s life. All actions then take place spontaneously, and are performed very efficiently, without any mental effort or activity.

~ Sri Poonjaji 'Papaji'

Either you are liberated and living and acting spontaneously or you are still in the process of creating a quiet mind. To shift from one to the other, simply be diligent with the tool of Self Inquiry.

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