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Which Inner Voice?

One of the first spiritual lessons most of us learn is to follow our “Inner Voice.” But there are so many inner voices, which of them leads us along the path of the heart?

Is it our “Inner Child?” If so, which one? The unhappy two year old? The traumatized 5 year old? The angry 12 year old? Each significant emotional experience in our early life could be represented by an age-appropriate voice in our head. All of us have many such voices within us.

On top of that, in my case the more sensitive I became to spiritual energies, the more voices I was bombarded with. There were many Masters, many space beings, many astral voices chiming in with guidance that often conflicted. How was I supposed to know the difference between my own true inner voice, an Ascended Master, and the strongly embedded voice of my dead mother?

This level of discernment became essential for me to learn when I spontaneously began to channel in 1985. Suddenly there was a whole new group of beings calling themselves Angels and Ascended Masters in my head (and writings) with information they wanted me to share with the world. But how could I trust any of these voices? I had to find a way to determine which of these voices could be trusted and which could not.

While living (and channeling) in Germany, I teamed up with two NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainers to study the phenomenon of channeling. This study provided answers to my “quest for Truth,” and in 1992 became a book and workshop to share with others. When I met True Self in 1993, I realized that THIS consciousness was the ONLY CLEAR voice of Truth, so I no longer serve as a vessel for “other voices.”

Recognizing that multiple inner voices are confusing, I continue to share my methods of discernment in a channeling workshop called “Finding Your True Inner Voice”.

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