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Entering the Reiwa Era with Awareness

On May 1, 2019 Japan gave birth to the Reiwa era, as Emperor Akihito’s eldest son, Naruhito became the 126th Emperor of Japan. The timing of this event is significant, as Spring is about birth, Its renewal and regeneration. Trees, flowers, and many animal species are coming out of hibernation to share their vital energy with each other, and with us. Spring is also about “aliveness,” the kind of aliveness that follows a good rest.

New energy is part of the Spiritual Awakening process. As we breathe in fresh air (energy) from our physical environment, we are inwardly stirred. Many of us attune ourselves to what is happening in the earth and to all of its species. Our creativity becomes activated, and new abilities become apparent to us, for sharing with each other.

Dragging subconscious programming from the past into the present inhibits perspective, limits inspiration and stymies the physical actions needed to attain our highest potential. Spring energy is here to help us let go of these limitations. Spring energy helps us flourish. We can see it. We can feel it. Our gratitude for it invites True Self to activate within us, leading us to the future we are meant to have.

If you want to break free from the past and fully become the being your True Self created you to be, the components of the program for Awakening I have been successfully delivering in Japan (and elsewhere via Skype) will accelerate your spiritual empowerment. Included are: satsangs, coaching, Emotional Clearing, The Wake Up NOW experience, Learning to Channel True Self, and The Enneagram for Awakening as a roadmap for your ongoing evolving process.

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