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When it comes to “knowing” what is Truth and what is Not Truth, how do we discern the difference? How can we tell for certain if it is ego or True Self that is in control of our life? What voice in our head or our body, should we accept and willingly follow? These questions are essential to all who have begun to understand that ego guidance and the wisdom of True Self, are not the same.

The voice of ego, which chatters incessantly about past experiences, has an opinion about everything, and influences the body’s future, and it is neither accurate nor reliable enough to insure that we live our best life. But we all have another voice within us that is the ultimate competence in this regard — the wisdom and guidance of our True Self, the “all knowing” divine consciousness that is the source of all creation.

It doesn’t matter if you call True Self by another name, such as Higher Self, Higher Power, God, Allah, etc . . . this nameless, formless consciousness is the ONE “all knowing” source of Truth. Its current job is to keep us all aligned with Its master plan.

Finding and acting upon the wisdom and guidance of True Self is the primary spiritual task of all humans. It is how we can best develop personally and evolve spiritually. Living by ego’s guidance keeps us in the cycle of reincarnation, where we don’t evolve enough spiritually to move on to the higher level of awareness where we live life AS True Self.

In the Inner Wisdom and Guidance workshopI am now offering you will discover the difference between Ego (ignorance) and True Self (knowing). ***Note: You will be learning to “channel” your own divine consciousness (True Self), not entities or alien beings.

This workshop will be set up in 3 increments: First, a 2-day weekend, then a break, during which you begin to practice what you have been taught in those first two days. Next, a second 2-day weekend for more learning, after which there is another break period for practicing and becoming competent at your “channeling.” And finally, one more day on a third weekend for solidifying your understandings and developed skills. Sometime within the elapsed time of the worshop’s three weekends (they will not be consecutive), you must arrange and receive an Emotional Clearing session with Aruna. This personal session can be done on Skype and will include Japanese-English interpretation.

The total cost for this 5-day workshop and Emotional Clearing session is 175,000 yen.

Whether you just want to live a happier, more heart centered life, or are preparing to Awaken, this shift in consciousness will greatly enhance your life experience.

Dates, locations and times will be determined when a minimum of 10 have registered. To help make this happen, add your name, phone and email to the list for this particular

We will do our best to find dates that work for all who have registered. Once scheduled, dates, locations and times will be posted on www.awakeningcoach.comand Everyone registered will receive notice by email.

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