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URGENT Announcement

Act decisively . . . last chance to attend a pre-scheduled workshop by Aruna. This Enneagram course will be my final pre-arranged offering . . . last moment to be signed up: 12 noon, Monday, Jan. 21.

In the past seven years I have created and delivered numerous different workshops for people to advance their personal and spiritual development, all of which have produced exceptional results. Many have advanced from spiritual novices to Awakened awareness with the use of my tools and teachings. But the number of people having experienced these workshops is small compared to the population of this country, and my dream of Awakening a large number of people here in Japan is still a long way from being realized.

To be a great workshop there needs to be enough students participating to make it not only interesting, but also very effective. In addition, the cost for me to deliver workshops in Tokyo with interpretation, the venue, my hotel, transportation and meals, requires a minimum number of students to cover these costs and pay me a fair amount for creating, organizing and facilitating the work. I do not have additional resources that enable me to subsidize these expenses, so I am going to change my approach to workshop offerings in the future:

I am not going to plan workshops for specific dates until there are a sufficient number signed up to attend. If you are interested in becoming Awake, I will offer the Radical Awakening process in a private session to those demonstrating their commitment to Awakening and who have met the requirements (soon to be added to website).

To summarize: I will not be delivering any courses in the future for which I do not already have enough pre-registered people, to assure that the workshop can cover its own costs and will be a powerful, enjoyable and effective experience. Please review the workshop offerings on my website and sign up for those you would like to attend. You can put your name on the list for each and every one if you like. When any workshop list fills up I will contact everyone on that list to work out the best date and place to have it.

Thank you for reading and participating.



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