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Can an Ordinary Human Awaken NOW?

When I first heard about Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment I could not relate. The books I was reading spoke of Buddha, Jesus, Yogananda and those who gave up ordinary lives to live austerely in caves. I was a wife, mother and working woman who dressed well and drove a Mercedes. What could possibly draw me towards this impoverished way of being? I needed money to support my family and my comfortable lifestyle. I was nothing like the spiritual icons described in my books.

Life was stressful. I worked hard and made money, but my success came with a price. I had to balance my time between my Real Estate work, caring for my home, and nurturing my family. What I sought was more peace because I was driven by anxiety. There was always another client to find, sale to make, or a listing to get. All this was in addition to my family responsibilities. Having money was great, but I was tired.

I read spiritual books to relax. Spirituality distracted me from my day to day life. Whenever business hit a rough spot I would attempt to meditate as a way of rectifying the current situation. I didn’t notice a difference in my business, but my body really loved meditation. In only 6 weeks of daily meditation I began to feel blissful energy while meditating and for hours after. I read about bliss and began to wonder if what I was feeling meant I was enlightened.

It was at this point I realized I needed a teacher, someone I could speak to, ask questions of, and receive practical guidance from on how to integrate my spiritual life with my success and money driven life. I couldn’t find an Awakened teacher in a physical body at that time, but it wasn’t long after I began looking for a teacher that I spontaneously began “channeling” Ascended Master Saint Germain. Our deal was: He could use my body for his teachings and in return, he would take me to Self-Realization. I didn’t know what Self-Realization meant at that time, but it sounded good. I know NOW. He and Papaji prepared me to be the teacher for others that I once sought for myself.

Whether they know this or not, those I work with are right behind me, ready to take the leap of faith I took with Saint Germain. I have combined the Advaita teachings of non-duality with a full experience of True Self, and added the wisdom of The Enneagram to assist in solidifying and deepening a first Realization into full Enlightenment. This blend of teachings has made it possible to bring True Self into full presence NOW, where an ordinary life becomes a spiritually Awakened life. Yes, YOU can have a body that is peaceful, anxiety free, through which wisdom and divine love flow. January 12 and 13 can be the end of your ordinary life and the beginning of your extra-ordinary life. January 26 can be the beginning of an entirely new understanding about yourself, your life, your family and friends, and liberate you from unproductive unconscious programming.

Can an ordinary human Awaken NOW? The answer is YES! Why wait to be the very best YOU? Contact Advaita Japan to reserve your spot in the January workshops before they are full. This change in consciousness will change everything in your life for the better!

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