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Clearing Trapped Emotions

My spiritual search began as a search for inner peace. In 1974 I began a period of chronic depression that lasted 2 years. During this time I was barely functioning, spending most of my days on a sofa, reading and wallowing in thoughts of suicide. I had no energy, no desire to continue living. Committing suicide seemed like a good way out for me, but where would that leave my two young boys? I knew I had emotional problems, a few of them deeply buried, and not a clue what to do about them. Most of what I read was not helpful, it kept my mind busy but did not offer any solid solutions.

Eventually someone appeared in my life who helped me resolve and release some of the negativity I had been harboring. As I released one bit, other helpful tools and techniques showed up to help me release more. Eventually I realized that my life had merely been reflecting my own beliefs and attitudes. But where did all the negativity come from? It was easy to blame everything on my parents, but as I did my inner work, it became obvious that the situation was more complex than that.

I eventually decided that my current problems and challenges had something to do with unresolved issues from “past lives” . . . an idea which crept into my thinking from some of those many books I was consuming on that sofa. It also became apparent that I needed to find out what these issues were so I could become free of their continued influence in my present life. This interest in past lives opened the door to a previously “unseen” world, and stepping through this door lead to all my spiritual development in the ensuing years.

At first, my interest in spirituality had nothing to do with God, faith, service, “Enlightenment”, etc. But once distanced from the “self defeating thoughts of suicide,” I wanted to clear my mind of all its unloving attitudes (towards myself and others), so I could become a beacon of light for others. For the next 20 years I proceeded from one healing therapy to the next, learning and applying many of the varied techniques including: rebirthing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, past life work, and others I can no longer recall the names of. The therapies which worked best for me became part of a repertoire I began using to help others. The Emotional Clearing work I do today is the most advanced of them all, because it releases reactive identification with the personal story directly from the nervous system.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, an American Chiropractor, developed this approach. In his spinal adjustment work he recognized that our bodies retain trapped emotions from specific experiences as energy blocks which prevent us from healing. After much research and testing he wrote a book called The Emotion Code, and later evolved this work into what is now called The Body Code. I studied with Dr. Nelson in 2010, used his process on myself, and eventually began sharing it with clients. The results are consistently fast, effective and permanent. He employs it for medical purposes, and even though physical healing is a frequent byproduct of what I do, my focus is inner peace and harmony, the spiritual expansion needed for Authentic Awakened Awareness.

I have slightly altered Dr. Nelson’s clearing process because some of my Japanese clients are dealing with emotions not included in his original categories. An added dimension to my Emotional Clearing work is that my channeling ability enables me to describe past lives if this is the origin of a trapped emotion, allowing these to be easily cleared in the present. Compared to all the other tools and techniques I have used in the past, this one is definitely the best. I am able to clear about 20+ emotions in one session, instead of 5 or less when utilizing other methods.

The entire process is guided by Higher Self, uses kinesiology, intention, a magnet (to magnify the intention), and my channeling ability. It is not necessary to re-experience any emotions, just identify them, recall when and why they were trapped, and release them. It can be done in two ways: one is with a full scan by Higher Self to determine which emotions are ready to be released. The other way is to work with one specific issue, such as: abundance, health, relationships, etc. All trapped emotions that can be cleared in the time allowed will be addressed. As we work together you may or may not feel something (not important for the result), but inner changes are happening. I see it in the physical changes which occur as you release. Most people look much younger than they did when they arrived for their session. And most say they feel lighter as they leave.

Major life changes usually happen after each session, Higher Self lets us know if more sessions are needed. A few of my clients come for Emotional Clearing regularly because their lives improve in such a major way after each session. I had very dramatic changes occur in my life as a result of doing this work many years after my Awakening.

In Japan it is a cultural tradition to “clean house, car, etc.” at the end of each year to make a clear space for new opportunities"things" to appear. Does your “spirit house” need some end of year cleaning? This is a gift you can give yourself or a loved one . . . like no other. Either in person or on Skype.

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