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A Liberated Life

What does it mean to be liberated? Is it a way to bypass societies rules and live the “free” life ego desires? Does it include having magical powers that override ordinary human capabilities? Is it something that results in one being “spiritually superior” to others?

It is none of those things. However, a spiritual Awakening is the first step towards an actual liberation, which can make “true freedom” possible. Awakening is simply the realization that ego’s ideas about life are not Truth, but merely all the shoulds and have-tos of programmed beliefs, and do not have any semblance of moral imperative established by any “higher power.” With this understanding, ego can thus be ignored, allowing our authentic True Self to manage our physical behavior in the world in a spontaneous manner.

Deepening a Spiritual Awakening then, becomes an ongoing process of discovering and releasing the remains of all those unconscious ego programs, and eventually includes whatever actions which become necessary to dissolve this misguided control of the body. Some call this “the death of the ego,” but it is actually only death of “ego’s control.”

After having Awakened, that personal identity attached to a body never completely disappears . . . if it did, how would we continue to play the role of that “character” in the divine scheme of things, with such accuracy? Attitudes will change, behaviors will change, and those stored memories will no longer be considered “Truth” by the newly expanded awareness (which only concerns itself with NOW), but they may still be utilized as a familiar basis for the body to continue its life in its new role.

“Saging.” With True Self awareness as the body’s dominant consciousness, the personal programming will eventually be replaced by pure unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom . . . qualities attributed to those of a respected sage. The sage lives an inner directed life, acts spontaneously, and is free to make whatever choices might appear as options at any given moment. There is no “other” which the sage strives to please, cannot live without, or rejects for personal reasons. All manifestations are seen as the divine Self in the eyes of the sage.

Why we incarnate. The transformational process of a “person” into a sage is unique to each of us. But once fulfilled, this ends the inner struggle for peace in the midst of chaos. This is what we all come to experience . . . so that we can co-create peace on Earth. Each of us has a unique and vital part to play. My part is to lead those who have not yet Awakened to their rightful destiny. If you are reading this you are most likely one of those who could benefit from what I share. If you are unsure (and curious to discover) that this is the case, please attend my satsang and see how you feel about being there. If satsang is right for you, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of the workshops and sessions I also offer . . . your new “view of” and “being in” your world awaits! True Self brought me to Japan primarily to work with those who live here, but I also support English speakers worldwide via Skype. For more information visit one of my websites, or

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