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Is it Ego, a Spirit Guide or True Self?

How do we know what the source of our inner guidance is? How can we tell the difference between Ego’s advice, the guidance of a Spirit Guide, and the subtle knowing of our authentic True Self? This was the subject of our most recent Tokyo satsang, and as someone who has experienced and can distinguish all three, my first response to this question is: consider carefully, it isn’t altogether obvious at first. The answer lies in the way the “inner message” comes to us.

Ego voice, the one we all know, is the chatterbox that regularly speaks to us in our head and pretends to be us. It offers us a “personal” overview of our past, present or future behavior, and its judgments are very apparent. It will say things like “don’t do that,” “I’d love to have this,” or “that might be fun.” It is driven by desire and has a lot of rules we are expected to follow, and assumes we know them. It also offers opinions about our competency for whatever it is we might be considering. It takes credit for our success and casts blame for our failures. It seems like an overbearing mother most of the time.

A spirit guide is less intrusive, as its ability to contact our mind is very limited. Until we raise our vibration enough “to open to channel,” it must rely on “nudges” it can deliver in dreams, physical signs, energetic impulses and intuitive sensing — all of which must pass through the ego-mind for interpretation. This require- ment before action is taken, puts the ego-mind in a position of intervention, allowing it to ignore or discourage the suggestions that are being offered. Becoming aware of the ego filter is important, as we discover how this kind of inspiration works. Strengthening our sensitivity and factoring out ego increases our guides’ ability to communicate with us clearly.

Our True Self, on the other hand, knows what is in our best interest and is our ideal guide for every pending decision. Most people do not know this wisdom and guidance exists, and when they hear of it they do not know how to access it. This source of insights and inspiration is so routinely ignored and negated by the ego-mind that True Self must work in the background of our life, nudging the ego out of the way as It moves us towards our soul’s chosen destiny. Eliminating the ego-mind as a go-between . . . very doable by the way . . . is the key to a life directed by True Self, and is a major step towards fulfilling our human and spiritual potential.

Recognizing the inspirations of True Self and having this wisdom and guidance always available happens when we are able to ignore the ego-mind. These “quiet” messages arise in our awareness from inner silence. Rarely in words, but most often appearing as a hunch or idea, they offer a creative solution to what we are struggling with. Trusting these “intuitive feelings” and taking action on them, strengthens our recognition of this always present, always positive influence in our daily life. Fostering a quiet mind is the key to accessing It.

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