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Spiritual Awakening and Human Health

My spiritual journey began when I first read that spiritual practices could restore my ailing body to vibrant health. This concept fit with a belief I held that the health of my body was primarily determined by consciousness, and the more enlightened I became, the healthier my body would be. So I shifted my focus from working on the body to consuming the latest books that appeared in our local New Age bookstore. One major theme proclaimed in many of the books I chose to read was that magical results would come from spiritual activities such as meditation or chanting, and even the rituals practiced by indigenous cultures. When I first read that I could revitalize my body by raising my consciousness I immediately decided that this was what I must do, since one form or another of ill health had challenged me for most of my life. But no matter how often or how long I meditated, chanted, prayed, or participated in rituals, my body did not return to vibrant health. It maintained a life of its own, and the same health issues persisted, seeming to invalidate this current belief I was living by.

I have never had a major disease, nor a physical disability. My early life was plagued with acne, allergies and asthma, which constricted my ability to breathe freely. My family doctor prescribed way too many prescription drugs for these ailments, but I took them religiously for relief from my symptoms; I became addicted.

Recognizing that this dependency was limiting my life, I began searching for healers who used natural methods, such as homeopaths, chiropractors and energy healers, as well as therapists who could help me resolve my childhood emotional issues. I also changed my diet, my prescription meds were replaced with vitamin and mineral supplements, and I started exercising. There was marked improvement, but I never felt truly healthy.

Even though I was making these changes I didn’t really expect my health to be restored until I had cleared my consciousness of negative thinking and resolved attitudes affecting the quality of my health. Based on all the books I was reading, I concluded that I must become enlightened to be completely healthy.

Now, I am neither seeking enlightenment nor do I claim to be enlightened, but Awakened Awareness has provided me with a very different understanding of how our consciousness effects our health. Contrary to my previous New Age hopes and beliefs about the body’s health, here is what I have actually experienced so far in this body’s life.

  1. The body’s DNA carries inherited tendencies that challenge our health. For example, heart disease and diabetes are inherited tendencies but we don’t need to activate them if we take good care of our body. Having tendencies for a weakness do not mean we must succumb to them; they are important to keep in our awareness when we make our choices about self care.

  2. Emotional stress will cause illnesses that can be alleviated by resolving whatever triggered that stress. Cancer is one example of this. I know people whose cancer went into full remission after they went through a series of emotional clearing sessions.

  3. We are subject to physical stress caused by environmental factors such as toxins and pesticides in the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink. But now days I’m also experiencing electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wi-fi systems, cordless phones, smart meters (digital), power line transformers, and dirty electricity in the walls of our homes and offices, These health-degrading infuences generate pressure on our bodies that is just as harmful as the stress we experience at work, in our relationships and from our ego- mind.

  4. I have long since stopped suppressing my emotions to avoid feeling them which traps their energy in the body and these balls of energy will make us sick unless we are willing to “feel” and release them.

  5. Negative thinking about ourselves (or others) creates negative reactions within us. So does the stress caused by the ego-mind’s opposing views to the quiet Truth our True Self makes available from our heart.

  6. I’m fully aware that it is our ego-mind thinking toxic thoughts, accepting toxins in our food and our environment, and belittling our concerns about the first signs of health issues when they appear, etc.

  7. We can meditate, chant, pray and do all the rituals we want, but if we are stressed out mentally and/or physically the body will respond to this distress in some way, to notify us that some changes are needed.

  8. During my deepening process I came to understand that the human body and its mind are not what awakens, that it is True Self that has the Awakening Realization and provides the body with Awakened Awareness, an important new relationship with the body began.

  9. The inner peace and innate happiness radiated by the presence of the Awakened True Self releases the tensions involved with mental and physical stress so the body can relax. This relaxation supports healing and improves health, but please understand, the body that has had an Awakening will still react to its environment just like any other body. Awakened Awareness holds the possibility of new responses.

  10. True Self will take good care of your body, but only if you have eliminated ego-mind’s influences and become quiet enough to accept True Self’s care.

With love,


With love,


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