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Fulfilling our Life's Purpose

Clients frequently ask me, “What is my mission?” In most cases this comes from a salary man or stay at home mom who is hoping I will name an attractive job option which will provide them a way to be in service to others (such as in healing, teaching or counseling). However, what I am hearing from the energy behind this question is, “what can I do to make me feel good about myself?” It is obvious to me that in their current circumstances they are lacking peace, joy and passion, and believe that a different style of work will bring these qualities of life to them.

Are you feeling this way? Is your form of work boring, frustrating, or draining all your enthusiasm? Are you thinking that a new occupation will solve this?

In some cases these feelings are a sign to “move on,” but not always. If we are looking elsewhere to change the way we feel, it is very likely we could find ourselves in a similar state in our next company or work situation. This is because the cause of our distress is not the job or the people with whom we work. In most cases this feeling of dissatisfaction comes from within ourselves, and has little to do with what we do or whom we do it with.

On the other hand, when we are peaceful and happy for no apparent reason, we bring this happiness wherever we go, and it doesn’t matter what we physically do. When our mind stops judging our circumstances, the resistance we feel in our body towards those circumstances will relax and we can release the general dissatisfaction we have been harboring in our mind.

Are you feeling “not good enough?” Have you not received sufficient acknowledgement for what you do? Maybe you think you lack the skills to help you shine, or there is someone else (spouse, kids, co-workers) making you feel unhappy? These thoughts are only in your mind, and in most cases they have nothing to do with the truth of your situation.

I don’t believe in accidents. Every circumstance we face has a positive gift for us. If we recognize and use this gift it will get us closer to fulfilling our human potential. In fact, the most difficult challenges help us grow the most. When we walk away from a major challenge we just may be giving up a huge opportunity, which could lead us directly into the most exciting and rewarding phase of our life. Facing challenges, resolving our resistance to them and completing them gives us confidence in the fact that we are enough. These good feelings prepare us for what is coming next, no matter what circumstances they bring.

We are in a body to learn to become peaceful and happy in all circumstances — to do this we can no longer allow any influence outside ourselves to determine the way we feel. Our individual and collective life purpose is to bring light through us to the world, wherever we are, no matter what we are doing. The condition of deepening Awakened awareness is the most direct way to be this kind of human.

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