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Benefits of a Spiritual Awakening

Are you wondering if Awakening is something you might want, or even need? If so, what would be the benefits, and are you ready?

Unfortunately, the word Awakening has many interpretations because it is currently presented in so many different ways. Some common assumptions are that an Awakening solves all of our human problems, provides us with special powers and the ability to create miracles, resulting in an attraction level that brings us fame and fortune. Some of these outcomess may accompany an Awakening, but this is not common, and those who receive such gifts are actually being given a major life challenge: will they deepen their initial Awakening into full Self-realization/Enlightenment, or will they develop a Spiritual Ego that stops this possibility from happening? The temptation to conclude, “I am special,” because a powerful gift has been received is great, and if you go there, your ego identification could soar. However, there is something that can be done to prevent this from happening.

You must revisit the vital significance of what you realized in that pivotal Awakening moment: a separate “me” does not exist . . . who I am is part of one collective consciousness . . . like one fish or one wave is to the entire ocean. With this conviction solidly held, there will no longer be any longing for the kind of attention “being special” entails. There will also be an absence of motivation to draw attention to yourself for any particular reason. The attitude of an Awakened one is not about personal gain, instead, there is an inclination to be of service to anyone who could benefit from what they have to share.

Say for example, you receive the gift of healing, you will use it humbly and without fanfare to support whomever shows up needing your assistance. You will have no agenda about the results you or your clients receive from your sharing of this gift. You are not the healer, your “True Self,” working thru you, is the healer..

The biggest gifts of an Awakening are not special powers, or the attraction of wealth and fame, they are: inner peace, inner knowing, a quiet mind and unwavering happiness. Imagine how it will be when each of these qualities is part of your life. You will not be worrying, or striving, or praying for solutions. You will know what to do and how to do it. If you don’t know innately, a way will be shown to you.

As the inaccurate concepts you used to hold about yourself diminish, the stronger will your loving, caring, compassionate, all knowing True Self increase Its awareness in the world through you.. Your ego will recede and True Self will replace it with Its full Presence. You will no longer feel the need to control or change your life, you will be able to relax, and enjoy life much more, as you fulfill your highest potential.

And, you will begin to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life you have already had, and all the experiences that paved the way for the life you are about to have. You are now releasing the past, including your attachment to beliefs and memories which no longer serve you. You are stepping into a future where anything is possible. You will discover gifts, abilities and wisdom you didn’t know you had within you.

It all begins with becoming quiet and then discovering how you have been fooling yourself. All this new level of participation in your life is a direct result of discovering the Truth of who you are!

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