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The Search for Truth

One of the primary differences between Advaita (Non-duality) and other approaches to Spirituality is that the Advaitin seeker is searching for Truth, not simply their mind’s fantasy or their personal spiritual fulfillment. This is why the ultimate goal for an Advaitin is the Realization of Truth, not ego glorification or the fear based benefits touted by most religions and many New Age teachings.

Whether one wants to avoid hell by being “good” or “go to heaven via ascension” because “I’m special,” the traditional carrots offered by most “I” centered teachings are not “enough” for an aspiring Advaitin. Why? Could it be there’s a more discerning level of intelligence, or the greater exxperience of more “lifetimes lived,” or a sufficient amount of spiritual study and practices, or maybe a feeling of inadequacy has sparked a desire for a way to know peace? Whatever the motivation, those who find and stick with the Advaita approach to the ultimate spiritual meaning are on a path that can lift them from the cycle of human suffering that we all experience. Advaita puts them in the position to do so by Awakening that sleeping current of consciousness which weaves its way through their bodies . . . that same stirring of consciousness which is also weaving its way through your body.

This Quest for Truth is what brings to an end all the fruitless “spiritual paths and less direct approaches . . . by revealing exactly what that search has always really been about: the answer to the primary question we all must ask to be set Free from our mind, the only question that truly matters — Who Am I?

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