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The Truth About Channeling

The ability to channel a higher authority than the individual human ego-mind is now commonly accepted by spiritual adepts and skeptics alike, but there are still those who consider this ability to be fictitious phenomenon, and they joke about it. There are two main reasons for this: first, the quantity of beneficial, useable Truth in the content delivered varies to such a wide degree, and second, there is no readily available evidence to confirm or deny the credibility of the channeled information. When a particular message talks about the unseen world, unproven theories or future events . . . it’s almost impossible to tell if its valid, or not. Because of this credibility gap, I have spent many years learning how to discern in my own channeling what is “clear” (ego free) from what is not.

After 32-years of channeling, and 24-years of deepening my Awakened Awareness, I can claim a level of expertise which affords me the authority to say that “clear channeling” is no different than living life with Awakened Awareness. Right away, a critical distinction must be emphasized: in order to be clear, information from a pre-awakened channel must rely on a cooperative ego-mind which voluntarily steps aside (temporarily) to allow the channeled material to come through without interference. But there is no such condition for those with solid Awakened Awareness.

People consult channels for many reasons . . . generally speaking the main categories include guidance concerning: health, financial prospects, relationships, career changes, what their best next steps in life might be, their prospects for becoming Awake, and some inquire about more esoteric things such as what lies beyond the physical realm.

I stopped channeling after Awakening in 1993 because what still remained of my ego determined that channeling was not aligned with my goal of becoming fully Self-realized. Why quit? Because I was identified with the role the body was playing as “Rea the channel,” and I was attached to receiving the energy hugs and guidance from Saint Germain. These all had to go because neither the role nor the attachments fit with what I had realized upon Awakening. Dropping this false identity required dropping the behaviors which supported it, so I chose to focus on deepening my new awareness instead of continuing in that particular role.

Eventually, as ego diminished, I observed that the body had become a much clearer vessel, allowing True Self to deliver Its wisdom which was equal in quality to what previously came through my body from the Ascended Masters . . . I was now channeling True Self, without any need to say prayers or alter my physical state in any way. . . Instead of channeling the Masters, another authority is no longer needed because True Self speaks through me unimpeded

True Self now uses my body to regularly deliver messages to groups and individuals. In a private session you can learn about your past lives and how they are still affecting your present life, identify the lessons you came into a body to learn, and receive clear directions for your spiritual expansion and personal growth. Since I now have a quiet mind and a very cooperative ego, what you will hear from me today is a clear message, direct from the same source that used to provide its guidance through this body using intermediary “entities” like Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters. The wisdom you now have access to through my Awakened Awareness is much clearer than what my channeling used to be . . .. there is only Pure Consciousness delivering Its love and guidance directly to you. An opportunity like this may seem hard to believe at first, but you have probably not met many (or even one), Awakened human with a quiet mind able to allow Universal consciousness to flow through to you personally in a counseling session.

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