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Spiritual Misconceptions

When my personal “search for Truth” began in 1974, I became obsessed with the latest books, channelings and workshops written and taught by fellow “seekers and lightworkers.” To my questioning (and gullible) mind I was certain I was on a valid path to Enlightenment that God had designed just for me. “He” appeared to be leading me to whatever it was I still needed for enlightenment, so. I assumed I would eventually discover “It” by reading these books and making the “right” choices and decisions for following my own “inner guidance.”

I filled shelves and boxes with all the books I bought, and when money was tight, I would go to the library for books not already in my extensive collection. Every book writer was my “authority,” and when they seemed to disagree with each other, I would find justification for both points of view. I replaced my addiction to cigarettes, pretzels, wine and ice cream with the consumption of “spiritual knowledge,” As a “spiritual junkie,” I kept looking for the pot of gold I believed was waiting for me at the end of every book I felt compelled to read. In some cases the latest book would take me far from my “comfort zone,” and even though I tried to remain open to each premise, I often found myself wondering “what the Truth was, and what it was not.”

The different (and often conflicting), points of view I was exposed to eventuallcaused me to discover what my own personal spiritual truth was, rather than simply accepting without question what the latest author was claiming it should be.

When I found Bartholomew, a channeled teacher from another realm, it felt like my prayers had been answered. Everything he said made sense to me, and his words kept me present to my daily life as I sought concrete solutions to personal dilemmas . . . instead of blaming my struggles on astral energies, ETs, past life karma, my astrology chart, etc. I learned a lot from him, but I could never get enough of the Bartholomew cassette tapes to fully satisfy my craving for Truth. Bartholomew encouraged me to meditate, so I did. He also referred me to other spiritual teachers such as Buddha and Ramana Maharshi.

One year after I began saying the prayer “How can I serve,” I spontaneously began to channel. This channeled teacher, Ascended Master El Morya, introduced me to Ascended Master Saint Germain and other members of the Great White Brotherhood . . . whom all began to give me spiritual teachings directly. I was now in “Spiritual Seeker heaven” . . . as long as I could maintain sufficient purity to keep their messages clear.

This intention, to remain clear and free of inaccuracies and possible distortions remains the basis of everything I do today. Truth is my highest and only choice in every situation, and I reject deception in any form, be it in myself or in “others.” I have mastered the art of dissolving the deceptive thoughts I find in myself, and when I see this misunderstanding in others I want to confront them with the falseness of their misconceptions . . . but I do not. Why? Because I live in Japan and this is not done in Japanese society.

So what does an authentic spiritual teacher do in this situation? This is the dilemma I now sit with as I watch untruths being presented as though they have substance . . . which they clearly do not. How do I address the spiritual egos that emerge after an Awakening moment spontaneously occurs but has not been fully integrated? How do I deliver Truth and Awaken those who pretend to understand and use my materials but actually only distort my message and mislead others? How do I reach them if they never return for satsang to support their immersion into TRUTH? I don’t have the answers to these questions yet. My inner voice has said “keep doing what you have been doing,” but my heart wants to prevent these misrepresentations from getting stronger and spreading wider.

At this point in the discussion all I can assure you of is what Truth is NOT: It is not magic . . . neither an experience nor anything physical. It is a shift in the way we perceive our Self and the world. Self Realization is realizing what is TRUE and what is Not. Truth does not come in any mental form . . . including intuition, inspiration, sounds, visions, etc. It is not a thought or a thing, or a feeling. It is not tangible. You realize It only through experience of IT. No book or teacher can give It to you — It arises from within yourself when you provide the space for It and recognize It. This TRUTH is always already there, which is why there is re-cognition . . . reaching the silent space is the key.

This line of dialog may be confusing to those who are new to the Advaita (non-dual) teachings, but these ideas are essential to the deep understanding which enlightenment includes.

I will be expanding the content of my satsangs to include the depth of clarity about Self and ego which the Enneagram provides . . . at no additional time or cost. I am committing one weekend every month to directly Awakening those willing to plunge into the ocean of spiritual Truth. To do this I will be combining all the basics of the Living As Essence and Radical Awakening workshops into one intense Awakening weekend.

In case you are recently becoming aware, the intensity of human interactions across our Earth are accelerating. If you feel you are . . . or maybe don’t know if you are . . . one of those here to graduate from “Earth School” this time around, this streamlined opportunity is your chance to expose your heart to the wisdom needed to complete your final assignment. I am hoping you will take advantage, for your benefit . . . for Japan . . and for Japan’s energetic contribution to the rest of the planet. Please tell your friends and invite them to the next satsang so they can “dip their toes in the ocean of Consciousness.”

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