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The Phenomenal Jess Stearn

In 1974, while deeply depressed in Northern Virginia, I was given a book that introduced me to spiritual phenomenon. The Sleeping Prophet was a biography of the world renown psychic Edgar Cayce. The author of this book, and many others I also read, was a man named Jess Stearn. Some of his books spoke of reincarnation, which led me to books by other authors, including Taylor Caldwell and the University of Virginia professor Ian Stevenson, who was researching stories of children who remembered details of their previous lives. I avidly consumed these books, as my heart kept saying, “Yes, yes, this is true.”

Jess Stearn lived on Malibu beach where he entertained many spiritual aspirants. Some of his friends, who were regular visitors there when he was alive, have recently become friends of mine. One of them recently texted me while I was to the train. She was in Tokyo and wondered if we could meet. When we did, she presented me with a very precious gift (see photo) — a starter from a Jade tree which still flourishes on Jess Stearn’s beachfront property.

There is something unusual about this particular variety of Jade tree compared to others I’ve known. Its leaves are edged in red, instead of being solid green. The red creates a shimmering effect that seems like a symbol of the magical power its former caretaker had on my life.

I am very grateful to the lovely being who brought me this precious gift, and also to Jess Stearn, whose writings lead me towards, and helped to prepare me for Awakening. The presence of this tree in my house could be a sign that a new beginning is about to reveal itself.

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