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How I Became the first to call myself an 

Awakening Coach 


It was the summer of 2001, in the midst of

a typhoon, as hurricanes are called in Okinawa. For some time now, I had been pondering how to combine my

 Life Coach Training with the powerful new view of life experienced at my Spiritual Awakening in 1993.

As the storms' eye settled over my area, clarity came. I had never known such eerie silence, and with it came the gentle but overwhelming inspiration: I was to use my coaching skills and tools to share the life altering TRUTH I had realized during my Spiritual AWAKENING.

I was to call myself an "Awakening Coach" because my coaching skills were about to be used to Awaken others who are also seeking that pivotal TRUTH.

Could you be one of them?

Awakening Coaching

If you have been searching for inner-peace, inner knowing
and unwavering happiness, you can Wake Up NOW with my

Liberate Your True Self Course, Satsangs, Personal Coaching

 and Emotional Clearing sessions. 

           Programs designed to fit your needs are 

                           available on Zoom.

For more information, contact Aruna via email.


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