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Which Voice is My True Self?

Most spiritual teachers will guide you to “go within” and follow your “inner guidance.” But when most of us do so, we just assume that any voice we hear is THAT all-knowing voice of wisdom which has the highest level of consciousness, THAT voice we call the “Higher Self, or God, or Ashtar or some other member of the Spiritual Hierarchy.” When we start seeking guidance from this voice it is happy to provide what we seek. Sometimes it takes us to wonderful events and magical interactions, but sometimes it doesn’t. And on those times that it doesn’t, we either deem it to be untrustworthy, or make up a story about how it led us into that dark hole for our own good.

Turning our life over to the guidance of an unseen voice in our head can be a divine blessing, but it can also be a trap. Not a trap set by God or a member of other spiritual realms, but a trap from our own Ego to stay in control.

To fully comprehend what is happening, it is important to understand that the human EGO is neither a thing, nor a single personality. It is an identity comprised of a collection of thoughts. It considers itself to be a person that is expressing through your body, but if you scan your body you won’t find it. IT is a collection of thoughts that come and go, IT has no physicality or location to call home. What IT does have is a lot of perceptions, memories and projections that IT brings to the present and mind’s imagination of the future.

This EGO personality is one moment’s presentation of beliefs formed from multiple stories which are a result of many experiences this body has had. They may also include memories we have yet to reconcile from previous bodies (karma). And because these memories are randomly arising from different bodies, different places and different ages, they may not bring any clarity or congruency to what is happening NOW. This is why most of our inner voices cannot be trusted to provide competent guidance or great wisdom NOW. For this, we must identify and utilize ONLY the VOICE OF OUR TRUE SELF.

TRUE SELF is the only inner voice that is trustworthy because it is the only voice within that knows what TRUTH is and what TRUTH is not. THE GOOD NEWS IS: it is possible to recognize and discard all the egoic voices that show up when you first turn within. When you know what these voices are, and learn how to manage them, you will have the clear voice of TRUE SELF available whenever it is needed. This is the voice of Wisdom and Knowing that your spiritual teacher has been referring you to.

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