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A True Friend . . . Most Valuable

Dear . . . ,

Thank you for telling me you have been blocking your Facebook posts from me because I caused a disturbance for you with a comment I made. I’m sorry you felt it necessary to hide your future posts from me because you were afraid I would do it again. You are probably correct, I would . . . if it was very obvious to me that it was written by ego, not True Self. I would let you know this because I love you and because recognizing what is ego when it appears is how you let go of the false beliefs and attitudes, which are still erroneously embraced as Truth by your ego-mind.

Deepening an Awakening into the fully Awakened condition is a process of recognizing and releasing what is false . . . so that True Self can eventually use your physical body in the world, as a clear vessel for Truth. It is not possible for your ego to make this level of discernment on its own — it does not, and cannot know the True Self and Its wisdom. Being “fully awake” requires the discrediting and discard of every ego belief . . . not their understanding happens when the ego-mind’sr replacement by formation of any new beliefs called “this is Truth and that is not.” How will you (subject to untamed ego) know what is Truth and what isn’t?” Reliable understanding happens when the ego-mind’s concept of you has nothing to say and Truth flows spontaneously without a doubt or need for explanation. This flowing Truth, unimpeded by ego’s beliefs and attitudes, is the beginning of knowing — the expanded awareness that has occurred while ego was being ignored.

The fully Awakened condition for your particular embodiment may or may not happen in your lifetime, or mine, but my role now is to help those who have not realized the Truth of who they are to recognize this Truth and to deepen it as much as is possible. If you are among those who have sought my assistance for awakening, the role you have asked me to play does not end with your “initial ah-ha . . . ” because the job is not complete. I automatically assume, unless you tell me otherwise, that you want to live an authentic fully awakened life, and that you maintain your contact with me for help in doing so. When I see ego in something you have written, on Facebook, email, etc., it is not a personal decision made by my ego to respond, or even what that response should be. If you are lucky enough that the one True Self chooses to use this body to help you deepen your realization into the fully awakened condition, I invite you to humbly remind yourself of this precious privilege of grace . . . the answer you get will not be to personally embarrass you, but to deepen you into the full embrace of Truth.

If this letter applies to you, please ask yourself : “whom is it that is taking this personally . . . whom is it that is embarrassed or upset . . . whom is it that wants to avoid “her” criticism?

If True Self offers you this service, please ignore ego’s thoughts and opinions about what you or I have written and see it for what it is: an opportunity to expand Self awareness, on your way to full freedom from the fictitious world of the ego-mind.

Love always,


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